Edmonton podcast roundup: Aug. 10, 2016

As I mentioned in the blog roundup, it’s almost Fringe time, which is very exciting. So this podcast roundup begins with podcasters who also have Fringe connections (not a comprehensive list, to be sure), before swooping into the other big thing happening right now, the Olympics:


  • What It Is kicks off its annual Forceful Fringe Previews with chats with a wide variety of artists, including David Rae of The Devil’s Advocate podcast, who has two Fringe shows (yegDND and Thunderprov). What It Is hosts Taylor Chadwick and Chris Cook have a show, too: Nighthawk Rules.
  • You can actually hear me laughing in the podcast of the live show marking The Movie Jerks’ 200th episode. It’s studded with stars such as Stacey Brotzel, Chris Craddock and Mark Meer. Movie Jerk JP Fournier has a Fringe show, too — An Evening with the Heaven’s Gate Singers.
  • On 30 Minute Week, Dan Taylor and Ben Proulx tackle Trump and the US election, and whether comedians should face human-rights tribunal sanctions. Dan has a Fringe show called Matrimony.
  • The Loyal Company of the River Valley has chat about women’s soccer and Rio with Jessica and Katie of For Kicks. I love a good criss-cross!
  • And make sure you listen to Jessica and Katie’s recap of the first two games (and wins!) against Australia and Zimbabwe. I can’t wait to hear them talk about the Germany game.
  • In honour of the Olympics, Erin E. Fraser and Matt Bowes get sporty with three films about athletic drama on Bollywood is for Lovers.


  • You might die of adorableness listening to the love story of Chris and Colette on The One. I almost did. Another home run from Robyn Wilson.
  • That’s the same Chris Sikkenga from Montreal Sauce, which has an in-depth conversation with artist and animator Midge Sinnaeve.
  • Elliott Tanti and Michael Vecchio celebrate their 50th episode in a live recording of the Highlevel Showdown. They mention an exciting collaboration happening with Guerrilla Radio!
  • Emma Graney makes a stellar debut as host of The Press Gallery, leading a conversation with Paula Simons, Sarah O’Donnell and Graham Thomson on Mel Hurtig, power purchase arrangements, Jason Kenney’s tour and Alison Redford’s tobacco troubles.
  • Expat Hahn Vincent makes Norway sound like the most magical place on earth in her conversation with Adam Rozenhart on The Expats.
  • You might not think that an ode to shed dog hair would be moving, but you would be wrong. Listen to the latest Pet Sounds to find out.


  • On the Northern Nerdcast, Dan Shessel visits with Twitch personality Violet Miller, aka Distracted Elf, about how to make a living playing video games. The Nerdcast also covered Animethon.
  • Hear what makes Pokemon Go a fascinating experience but maybe not the best game on this episode of ProducerHax.
  • There’s more Pokemon Go talk and a lot of smart insights about growing your own business on Podcasts with Paul with Kat Halushka and Aaron Biblow of Trendlab.
  • I don’t know anything about the 1965 episode that Steven and Erika are talking about on Lazy Doctor Who, but it has classical mythology in it, which I love, and just listening to them talk to each other, about anything, makes me happy. Contains a happy mention of the Heritage Festival.
  • Prometheus, the odd Alien prequel, is the target of guests Scott C. Bourgeois and Erin Beever, along with hosts Gregg Beever and Colin MacIntyre, on I Have Some Notes.
  • Dive into a margarita-fuelled discussion of pamphlets, propaganda, fascism and colonialism in the Harry Potter universe in this minisode of Witch, Please.


  • Haley Radke has a heartbreaking but helpful talk with Ellie, who was adopted within her extended family, on Adoptees On.
  • That’s So Maven has published a couple of fascinating conversations lately, one with the sisters behind Barre Body Studio, and another equine sports therapist Kathy Butkovic.
  • Minister Faust has a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation about food with writers SG Wong, Ekaterina Sedia and Nalo Hopkinson on MF Galaxy.
  • Find out how a Sherwood Park restaurant owner is working to turn his establishment’s reputation around in an interview with Tema Frank on Frank Reactions.
  • German Villegas has a great talk about masculinity, mental health, race and identity with MLA David Shepherd on The Modern Manhood Podcast.
  • And don’t forget my conversation with German about Modern Manhood and his other podcast, Your Team Sucks, on the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast.

That is so much, and yet it’s just the tip of the iceberg, local-listening-wise. Find even more on the Podcast Network page, in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, and on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page.

I’m taking a break from the podcast roundup until September, but I’ll be back. If you sign up for the Seen and Heard in Edmonton newsletter, and you won’t miss the next roundup when it’s ready. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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