Elizabeth admires one of the inhabitants of the Victoria Butterfly Gardens.

The dandelions at home are far beneath the snow. We’ll curse them eventually, but for now, it’s a bit of a thrill to see them here in Sidney.

mashable: Mashable CEO and founder Pete Cashmore interviewed Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley on-stage at SXSW. Crowley talked about the future of the company, including his plans to “harmonize” place databases for other developers to use. Watch the video for more. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

maybeedmonton: “For a remarkable run from 1961 to 1978 —- 4,000 episodes, 140,000 kids, up to two hours a day, three to five days a week, for 52 weeks a year — Popcorn Playhouse was appointment-viewing for Edmonton kids. And Neville, in his guise as Klondike Eric, ran the show.” I never got to be … More

clairemcgonigal: Unfortunately, rings true! I wrote a one-page letter the other day and my hand starting aching halfway through. I love the serendipity of social media. Came across this on the same day I came across this: http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/1758 Still don’t know where I stand on cursive writing. I often start projects with pen and paper. … More

fastcompany: Heavy. The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe. But what about a fruit fly’s? While only the size of a pinhead, it’s still pretty motherf’ing complicated. Which is why a team of scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute used an ingenious technique called “Brainbow” to make their job … More

wnyc: cheatsheet: Julia Yu, a developer here at Newsweek/Daily Beast, created this AMAZING sci-fi children’s book inspired by a College Humor post, a Reddit thread, the movie Dune, and Goodnight Moon. She writes: Goodnight Dune was written and illustrated after I saw this article for Five Sci-Fi Children’s Books on College Humor, linked from a … More