Seen and Heard Podcast Network

UPDATE: On May 6, I announced the creation of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB Financial. There will be many more details to come, and a new application process to follow. It’s great news, but also a bit of a reboot for this idea, now that it has funding.

To stay up-to-date, sign up for the Alberta Podcast Network mailing list and follow @albertapodnet on Twitter. You can also learn more on May 28 at the Edmonton Podcasting Meetup.

Hello! Welcome to the current home of the Seen and Heard Podcast Network. The network will have its own website once it is in full existence, but while we’re in the building stages, here’s where it will live.

These are the podcasts who have expressed on interest in joining the network thus far. I’ve linked to them so you can subscribe, rate and review, and follow:

  • Board Game Battles: “We take two boardgames with a common trait, compare them and declare one the winner followed by an Imperial Assault segment.” (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Bollywood is for Lovers: Exploring the weird and wonderful world of Hindi Cinema, better known as Bollywood (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • The Clickbait Podcast: Jeremy Bibaud, Jeffrey Gordon, and Brandon Hoover examine our favourite feature articles on PlayStation LifeStyle and highlight insightful comments from the PSLS community. (Soundcloud, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Conscious Conversations: Reflections and conversations on mindful living. (Web, iTunes, SoundCloud)
  • Cups N Cakes: Music and tomfoolery. (Mixcloud, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Doctor Whooch: A bi-weekly podcast dedicated to Doctor Who and drinking, sometimes in that order. (Web, iTunes, Twitter)
  • Downtown Hockey: Oilers fans talking hockey (iTunes, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Drink This Podcast: A celebration of PUBculture with tasty libations and great conversation. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • The Expats: Conversations with Canadians living abroad. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • For Kicks: Coverage of the Canadian national women’s soccer team, plus NWSL and other women’s soccer news. (Web, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Highlevel Showdown: Debating civic, provincial, national and international politics. (Web, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Kennedy Entertainment Presents:
    • Dr. Ravencroft’s Hollywood of HorrorsStories, horror movie news, poetry and more with Dr. Ravencroft. (WebiTunesFacebook)
    • The Power Hour: A celebration of heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll. (Web, iTunes, Facebook)
    • The Special Edition: Entertainment interviews, news and views (WebiTunesFacebook)
  • KMFBZ Evil Genius: “LIVE from the hollowed out volcano… Half Dr. Evil, half Doc Brown, with a little Victor Frankenstein thrown in.” (Web, iTunes, Facebook)
  • KMFBZ News Radio: “I’ve got movies! I’ve got music! I’ve got news! I’ve got interviews with Hollywood filmmakers! I’ve got it ALL!” (Web, MixcloudiTunes, Google Play MusicStitcher)
  • The Lip Talk: Lucy Lips, Divina Diefor, Mel Trixx and Harvey Steele sit down to share some wine, some laughs & some personal stories in this LGBTQ podcast. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • The Loyal Company of the River Valley: For fans and by fans of the FC Edmonton soccer team. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • The Modern Manhood Podcast: A discussion of healthy masculinity in the modern world, presented in association with Men Edmonton. (Web, iTunesFacebookTwitter)
  • The One: A showcase for everyday people and the love stories that make them unique. (Web, iTunes, Twitter)
  • Montreal Sauce: Talking to makers, creators and inspiring people from all sorts of fields, from digital media to acting & clothing design. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Northern Nerdcast: Interviews with and about the geeky, nerdy people, groups and events in and around the Edmonton area. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Podcasts with Paul: Interesting people. Interesting conversations. (Web, iTunes,FacebookTwitter)
  • Practice Management Nuggets: Interviews with practice managers, health-care providers and trusted vendors who support health-care practices. (Web, iTunes, StitcherFacebook)
  • Press Start 2 Join: Friends talking about video games, movies, TV, comics, etc. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Seen and Heard in Edmonton: Conversations with bloggers and podcasters about what they do and what they’ve learned. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Surgery 101: A series of podcasts designed to help people learn about the basics of surgery. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • That’s So Maven!: A podcast by, for and about female entrepreneurs. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Toastcaster Speakcast for Toastmasters: For Toastmasters and others who want to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. (Web, iTunes,Twitter)
  • Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast: Vintage music and audio from Edmonton’s history. (Web, Podomatic/iTunes, Facebook)
  • What It Is: Guests, games, trivia and hilarity focusing on the Alberta arts scene. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Your Team Sucks: The hockey podcast about three fans who hate everything. (Web, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter)

If you would like to join them, apply here. If you need more information, read on. But first, here’s video of me talking about local podcasts:


What is the Podcast Network?

It is a network of podcasts based in Edmonton. The network aims to do four things:

  • Increase audiences for local podcasts
  • Generate revenue for local podcasts
  • Create a unique marketing opportunity for local sponsors
  • Make Edmonton better by knitting it closer together
How does it work?

Sponsors pay into a fund every month, and provide copy for a short ad to be read by the podcast host. Participating podcasts are paid a set fee per episode for reading an ad. Seen and Heard enlists the sponsors and makes appropriate matches between podcasts and ads.

This model is inspired by the Chicago Podcast Cooperative, which is run by Cards Against Humanity in an effort to nurture Chicago’s creative community. We want to do something similar in Edmonton.

How much do sponsors pay, and how much do podcasters receive?

We don’t know yet. It depends on how much interest we get from sponsors and podcasters. The first thing we have to find out is if this idea will fly at all.

What are the criteria for participating podcasts?
  • At least one host lives in the Edmonton area;
  • The podcast comes out on a regular schedule, and you notify the network if you’re taking a break;
  • You read the ad as written, and acknowledge the sponsor in your show notes and/or social media;
  • You provide accurate and up-to-date download numbers to the network, and inform the network of what proportion of your listeners are outside of Canada (as that will affect which sponsors we match with you).
Can I also sell my own ads onto my podcast?

Yes. Just don’t give the network sponsor short shrift. If this isn’t working, we’ll revisit it.

Does it matter if I don’t have many downloads?

No. The point of this is to help you grow. We just need honest numbers so we can manage expectations with the sponsors.

Can I belong to other podcast networks at the same time?


Is this going to cost me anything?

Not for now. A membership fee might be something we would look at in the future. But right now, we’re just gauging interest and proving value. If there were a fee in the future, it would be low and quickly recouped by the money you’d get from running ads on your podcast. The objective is to build something that helps you reach more people and make some money.

Is this going to make me rich?

Probably not. But if all goes according to plan, it should help you defray the costs of making your podcast and help you get more listeners, which could in turn lead to more revenue in the future.

How do I sign up?

If you are a podcaster, apply here.

If you are a potential sponsor, email me at You can learn more about the opportunity here.

What if I want to support the network but I don’t have a business or a podcast?

First, high-five yourself for being awesome. Second, here are some things you can do that would help: