She is a singular dilithium chamber powering the Starship New Media in the city of Edmonton. Uttered by Adam Rozenhart about me on Episode 51 of The Unknown Studio. I need to create something blurbable so that this can be my blurb. Also, Scott C. Bourgeois called me “the core of the Voltron that the league … More

mastermaq: (via The ABCs of saving city neighbourhoods) “For the past few years, while city planners have been trying to figure out how to bring people back into older neighbourhoods, school boards moved the opposite way — closing older schools and heading for the suburbs.”

Storify: meshwest

I learned a lot at meshwest in Calgary on June 8, and I decided to try to capture some of that with Storify. If you were there and want to relive it, or couldn’t make it and don’t want to sift through the hashtag, here you go.

My bike: Rusty and bent, but it was free, it goes, and it’s mine. (Taken with instagram)