Edmonton blog roundup: Aug. 9, 2016

A scene from The Flying Doctor, one of the Fringe plays I’ll be attending this year. Photo swiped from afterthehouselights.com and taken by Peter Taylor.

The Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival is nearly upon us, and so the roundup begins with the fun that can be had and has been had close to home. And then who knows what we’ll get up to.

Further adventures


  • Faces of Edmonton catches up with Bashir Mohamed, the cyclist whose encounter with a motorist afflicted by road rage and racism caught the city’s attention. Here’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
  • Mike Ross explores the clash of perspectives between defenders of the soon-to-be-demolished Cloverdale footbridge and the organizers of the Folk Fest.
  • On Almost Infinite, Graham MacFarlane applies the nine character alignments of Dungeons and Dragons to the video game Undertale, which leads to quite the exploration of morality in games and in life.

Babies and children

  • Kristina Lynne is having a baby!
  • Kira Paran is styling a baby bump, too.
  • Dajana Fabjanovich’s twin boys are six months old. It has not been an easy journey, but boy is she happy.
  • We get to see Ana Vicioso’s wee boy, along with a new put-the-baby-down-somewhere-safe innovation.
  • Kassey Koumarelas is having fun watching the Olympics with her little girls.
  • The fifth birthday of Hannah Hamilton’s son leads to an emotional examination of how things change with the first-born when the second-born arrives, and how to revive the joy.
  • Lori Godin shares what went through her mind as she dropped her eldest off at sleepaway camp for the first time.
  • Paula Kirman highlights a couple of picture books that capture the experience of Filipino-Canadian children.
  • Dani Hub reverts to childhood on a glorious afternoon at her grandparents’ place.

Eating in

Eating out


  • Trent Portigal finds the childhood home of the founders of Le courier de l’ouest, a somewhat forgotten part of Edmonton’s media history.
  • David Climenhaga remember nationalist, publisher and proud Edmontonian Mel Hurtig.
  • Rev Recluse unearths a CFRN-TV newscast from July 1992, featuring anchor Daryl McIntyre, who still pilots CTV’s evening news.
  • Mack Male’s Media Monday is a must-read for me every week, and not just because he often mentions Seen and Heard (though that is nice).


  • Matt Henderson reflects on what it means to move the Gretzky statue from the arena at Northlands to the new Rogers Place.
  • Riva Symko, writer-in-residence at Latitude 53, looks at the Gretzky statue and reflects on who is memorialized, how and why.
  • The Oilers’ decision to bring Keith Gretzky on board got the hockey bloggers going. Here’s Ryan BattyJonathan Willis and Jason Gregor.


  • Ashley Janssen concludes her three-part series on mentorship with specific and perceptive advice for mentors.
  • If you want something, ask for it, says Nadine Riopel, who has a networking event on that very topic next week. (There’s some Gretzky in this post, too.)
  • Kendyl Lauzon reaches back to restore her creative confidence.


OK, that’s bigger than normal, but it’s going to have to hold you for awhile, as I’m taking the rest of August off from the roundups. We shall return in September. In the meantime, you can always find more at ShareEdmonton. You can also find these picks and previous ones on my Flipboard magazine and in past roundups.

Sign up for the Seen and Heard in Edmonton newsletter, and then you won’t miss the next roundup when it’s ready. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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