If you wait for a better time to create, better than this very moment, if you wait until you feel settled, divinely inspired, perfectly centered, unburdened of your usual worries, or free of your own skin, forget about it. You will still be waiting tomorrow and the next day, wondering why you never managed to … More

Maybe it’s just because I have more time to notice, but the flowering trees seem particularly lovely this spring.

sesamestreet: It’s part 2 of Conversations with Bert, featuring Andy Samberg!  Tune in for more banter about socks, pigeons, paper clips, and more! (Missed part 1?  Check it out!) I’d been thinking a lot about interviewing today. And then I came across this. Outstanding. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

The most important word on the internet is ‘share’.—Hugh MacLeod

Don’t feel guilty if you spend the first 90 minutes of your day drinking coffee and reading blogs ‐‐ it’s your job. Your ratio of reading to writing should be high. Nate Silver’s terrific advice for young journalists in the digital age (via austinkleon) This speech is full of great advice.

Moving on

In honour of 10 years of service, the Edmonton Journal gave me a ring. “Married to The Journal,” I would say when people asked me about it. It’s not really a good idea to marry your job. Especially when you’re also married to a person. Lots of thinking has brought me to that realization, and … More Moving on