Edmonton podcast roundup: Nov.26, 2016

Edmonton podcasting roundup: Nov. 26, 2016

This podcast roundup is late, but not too skinny, as I’ve been driving more than usual lately, which affords more podcast-listening time. So, some local listens for you:
Less than 15 minutes: Chris Chang-Yen Phillips updates his previous exploration of the KKK in Edmonton; Don Hill time-travels with a historian; and Capital City Records gathers three more recommended tracks by Edmonton-based musicians.

Mini-Update: The Klan Query
We found out the name of the building where the Ku Klux Klan published their newspaper, The Liberator, in the 1930s. In the last episode, we investigated Rebecca Jade’s question about…
Episode 14 - Library & City Market by ECAMP
Historian Kathryn Chase Merritt tells of the colourful history and pungent aroma of the City Market. Imagine open stalls of produce, fresh meat, and everything farmer’s could bring to the…
Capital City Records Podcast: Tyler Butler and His Handsome Friends
Capital City Records Podcast: Tyler Butler and His Handsome Friends
Michael B. MacDonald, author, ethnomusicologist and assistant professor of music at MacEwan University, has known Tyler Butler for a long time.
Capital City Records Podcast: Nature Of
Capital City Records Podcast: Nature Of
It was a heavy Alberta snowstorm that first led Steve Derpack to Edmonton indie-pop quartet, Nature Of. Without that storm, and a savvy Mercury Room sound-tech, Derpack might never have…
Capital City Records Podcast: The Velveteins
Capital City Records Podcast: The Velveteins
How do you make music that’s both a “tip in the hat” to the rock ‘n roll of the sixties, yet still fresh enough to stand out amongst today’s clamouring indie throngs? The Velveteins…
15 to 30 minutes: Pamella Heikel helps us learn how to listen to our bodies with a yoga therapist; Adam Rozenhart talks to a Canadian working as a principal in Beijing; Vintage Edmonton Music celebrates the holidays with some local vintage vinyl; German Villegas talks to a PhD student of masculinities; Clock Radio explores consent at MacEwan University; the fellas at I Have Some Notes discuss recent movies and such.
Rest: listen to what your body needs by PAMELLA
Learn HOW TO listen to what your body needs from special guest Michelle Dionne-Nisbett. Michelle is a Yoga Therapy Training and Essential Oil Educator. Yoga allows for flexibility of body…
Episode 31: A Canadian Expat in Beijing
Maria Tran’s been living the Expat life for almost her whole career. As the principal at an international school in Beijing – which the former Edmontonian arrived at by way of New…
Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast #18
This episode features from 1976, the LP “Happy Holiday” by longtime CJCA and CHQT DJ Bob Bradburn and the Jasper Place High School Stage Band.
Just like I promised you last week, we have part 2 of the interview with Harrison Oakes, PhD student of masculinities from the University of Waterloo.
Ep 7: Consent by MacEwanU
At MacEwan University, we’re building a culture of consent. Our goal is to end sexual violence on campus. In this episode, we meet a new face on campus who will play a key role in helping…
Side Notes - White House Down
Welcome back to Side Notes, our mid-month mini episode in which Colin and Gregg discuss the world of entertainment. Colin discusses his progressive exhaustion with “grim and gritty” comic…
More 15 to 30 minutes: Troy Pavlek learns about Edmonton’s waste management system; Sarah Hoyles tells the story of the art in Grandin Station; and I talk to Robyn Wilson about her lovely love podcast, The One; That’s So Maven talks business with a former pilot who now owns a float studio, and a restaurateur who started with a crowdfunding campaign.
Basket of YEGs
Connie Boyce and Erika Droessler of Edmonton’s waste management talk with Troy Pavlek about the new waste wise app and Edmonton’s waste management and recycling program
Episode 13 - Station of Reconciliation by ECAMP
A mural in the Grandin LRT Station was meant to tell the story of a man but it inadvertently acted a reminder of the oppression of an entire group of people. We find out the history of the…
Episode 54: Robyn Wilson
Meet Robyn Wilson, the fearless and empathetic interviewer behind The One, a podcast featuring everyday people and the love stories that make them unique. The One was “spurred out of…
Episode 23: Kristen Pearce
This week, we sat down with Kristen Pearce, who went from being a commercial pilot for a private jet to opening Drift Float Studio. It was a major change that makes a whole lot of sense…
Episode 24: Sylvia Cheverie
This week, we sat down with Sylvia Cheverie, who opened Chartier, a French restaurant in Beaumont, Alberta, with her husband Darren and the help of a whole lot of friends…on Kickstarter!…
30 to 45 minutes: Hear a script treatment develop before your very ears in the new podcast Plot Device; review current events with NewsWired; and hear Louise Dirks of Gravity Pope, Kieran Ryan of Pogo CarShare and me (!) discuss marketing at Capital Ideas.
FROST BITTEN by Plot Device
EPISODE ONE: Your hosts plot an all-female-cast horror movie where a high school reunion is plunged into the icy clutch… of murder! Can a strong female protagonist put high school behind…
NewsWired - The Future of the TPP by GRadioYEG
In this episode Bee and Free talk about oil company tax delinquency, Trump and the future of the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership and Canadian arm sales in the Middle East and a little bit…
Episode 38: What's in your marketing toolbox? - Capital Ideas...
This month, Capital Ideas takes a loot at what’s in your marketing toolbox. And what you might want to think about adding. We have expert advice from Edmonton business owners Louise Dirks,…
45 to 60 minutes: The newly reunited Nathan and Adam discuss the future of FC Edmonton’s league; Montreal Sauce talks to video game developer Aaron Clifford; What It Is previews Anxiety and Witch Hunt at the Strand; and HIghlevel Showdown discusses the disturbing turn of right-wing politics.
Loyal Company of the River Valley Podcast: LCRV - Episode 87
Our big news this week? Adam’s back in the YEG! Granted its a little hard to avoid some of the negative league talk, but we address some of the issues that are plaguing the New York Cosmos…
Level 3 Guacamole - Montreal Sauce
Put your VR headgear on and listen to the latest episode where we talk to the maker of DAWT, Mr. Aaron Clifford. The Edmonton developer schools us in his 20 years of coding, tells us how he…
Ep 119: The Anxious Witch Hunt
Guests: Murray Cullen & Theo Pitsiavas and Darrin Hagen & David Cheoros With Chris W. Cook Hosted by Taylor Chadwick Creative Commons Music by Josh Woodward Contains some coarse language…
Episode #61 - A Shift in Political direction
Michael and Elliott begin by discussing the alt right movement and examples of its appearance even in Edmonton. Where does it come from, especially in the Canadian context? Next following…
More than 60 minutes: Haley Radke shares her own story on the season finale of Adoptees On; Witch, Please participates in a great live show in Boston; the Borchelli Brothers and many friends ham it up in a quiz show; the Movie Jerks subject Kent Tilley to another terrible Kevin Smith movie; and Trash, Art and the Movies compares two movies about hanging out with dead men.
Season 1, Episode 13: Finale
Show Notes Topics We Discussed * Themes and commonalities/differences we noticed in season one * A few behind-the-scenes comments * What’s coming up for season two * A trial run of our new…
Episode Rho: Live and Professional at Tufts University
Howdy, witches! This extended universe not-so-mini minisode comes to you hot off the mics in America! Hannah and Marcelle (and Trevor!) (and the hippogriff baby, too!!) had the pleasure of…
Episode 2.1 - Quick Wits with Uncle Norman!
Welcome to Season 2 of the Borchelli Brothers Podcast! On this episode we have a fierce battle of wits! Uncle Norman takes the reigns to host our new game show “Quick Wits!”. Who will win…
The Movie Jerks: Yoga Hosers and Kent Tilley
The Movie Jerks: Yoga Hosers and Kent Tilley
Because he had to suffer through “Tusk” last year, we brought Kent Tilley back to watch Kevin’s Smith’s “Yoga Hosers”. Is this the long waited episode where Gramiak get punched out?…
Trash, Art, And The Movies: Swiss Army Man vs Weekend at Bernie's
Trash, Art, And The Movies: Swiss Army Man vs Weekend at Bernie’s
The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment-and then declares a victor.
That’s a lot of minutes, but if you need more or different, check out the Podcast Network page, in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, on the Edmonton Nerd List, and on Guerrilla Radio.
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