Edmonton blog roundup: Nov. 22, 2016

Edmonton blog roundup: Nov. 22/23, 2016

My blog-reading time has been constricted of late, so this blog roundup is not as comprehensive as usual. But I wanted to highlight a few that caught my eye and might be of interest to yours. As I told the Capital Ideas panel on marketing last week (from which I swiped the photo above featuring host Elise Campbell, Gravity Pope’s Louise Dirks and Pogo CarShare’s Kieran Ryan), there is great power in paying attention, and I like it, too.
We begin with a couple of heartfelt tributes to Edmontonians gone too soon. Sharon Yeo eulogizes her friend and mentor Gail Hall, and Rob Truscott says goodbye to his friend and fellow cancer-fighter Colin Hackett.
In Memoriam: Gail Hall
Generous. Compassionate. Community-minded. Pioneer. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about Gail Hall, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 65 from…
RIP Colin Hackett
After my diagnosis and move to Edmonton, one of the first Edmontonians that I became friends with was Colin. I have mentioned him before. He was a tri-athlete, school teacher, magazine…
Kristina Lynne reaches the 30-week mark in her pregnancy, and all is well; Jacquie of Parkallen Home Kitchen has an oatmeal-loving baby; and Karlynn Johnston’s first baby just became a teenager.
Pregnancy Post: 30 weeks - Kristina Lynne
How has it been 6 weeks already since my last pregnancy post?! Holy crap!! I am 30 weeks everyone!! So much has happened since then and this baby is getting mighty big. Quick story: I saw…
Coconut Blueberry Baked Oatmeal
I’m happy to report that Anna loves oatmeal, or “Gruau” as we all it in our Franco household. She also loves pretty much anything I put in front of her so I am an incredibly fortunate…
Happy Birthday to my First Teenager - The Kitchen Magpie
You guys. This is the moment that my liver and I have been training for, all these long years. We’ve been working hard together over the years, to gird ourselves for what is about to…
Laura Frey explores the current collision of CanLit and rape culture; Jenna Marynowski previews Darrin Hagen’s Witch Hunt at the Strand, a play about the persecution of gay men in Edmonton in the 1940s; and Devin R. Bruce recommends a whole bunch of interesting art for you to explore.
The Best Kind of CanLit
I guest hosted on CanLit podcast Write Reads earlier this month and we talked about Zoe Whittall’s Giller shortlisted The Best Kind Of People. We recorded on Giller Prize eve, and I said I…
Witch Hunt at the Strand delves into a dark period in...
When you think of 1942, I’m sure thoughts of World War II fill your brain. However, in Edmonton, there was a battle of a smaller scale happening in 1942: an attack on homosexual men, many…
This Column Has Seven Days #102 // All Hail Busto
After two weeks of technical difficulties we are back and presumably better than ever! It’s been a while and my computer has basically transformed from a multimedia multitasker into a…
Let’s hit the road: Margaret Bose-Johnson people-watches over cookies in Italy; Kaelin of The Ruby Apron is back from the UK with all kinds of delicious ideas; and Katie Kelly applies her frugalizing eye to travel.
Sicilian Almond Cookies and People-Watching in Italy -
We discovered these Sicilian Almond Cookies while on holiday in Italy this fall. They are the perfect chewy, nutty, not-too-sweet treat to nibble with your coffee or hot chocolate, or…
November News
I feel like I always start my newsletters and / or blogs by saying, “I can’t believe…,” but, I really can’t believe that November is nearly coming to an end!
Frugal Travel Tips
The truth is, I haven’t done a lot of travelling (I supposed you could call that my number one frugal travel tip – don’t travel much! :P). However, I’ve done a few small trips that I’ve…
If you missed the Green Drinks event on good business or want to relive it, Deb Merriam has a recap; Sam Singh surveys the history of Edmonton’s South Asian community; and Paula Kirman shares what she’s learned about documenting activism.
Storify: Green Drinks Edmonton celebrates Good Business
On November 2nd, 2016, Green Drinks Edmonton: Good Business featured local businesses that set an example for others through sustainable and ethical practices, making and sourcing products…
Edmonton's South Asian Community
Today, Edmonton is home to more than 60,000 people of South Asian heritage. Speaking Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Sinhala, Sindhi, Nepali, Telugu, Marathi as…
Activism Through Documentation
Back in September, I was the keynote speaker for a workshop hosted by the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights for the organization’s youth group. My topic was documenting…
Finally, some beauty: Adina J tells the story behind her work of art costume; Lindsay of Edible Woman makes a yummy-looking pound cake; Maegan Lukian fashions a lovely holiday bouquet; and Hannah of Honey & Betts recommends beautiful gifts from local makers.
Office Treat (or Trick?)
It all started when I was reading an article about “Halloween costumes you can find in your closet”. I had just received this dress in the mail (more on that in a minute), and I…
London Fog Pound Cake - Edible Woman
I’m a recreational tea-drinker. If it’s a cold day and I’m in the right mood I’ll make a cup, but on the whole I’m definitely a coffee person.
Holiday Bouquets with Fresh Eucalyptus and Cranberries |...
My favorite neighborhood boutique Maven and Grace is now selling fresh flowers. The fact that they’re a five minute walk from my home means I’ll be loading up on fresh bouquets on the…
YEG Gift Guide: From Chunky Knits to Uniquely Edmonton Necklaces
copper Edmonton, Alberta necklace: Smithstine Copper symmetrical statement necklace: Coton Lily Creations mama and mini toques: Hayden & Ella Handcrafted chunky knit cowl: Ilex Everyday…
OK, promise me you’ll look for more, because this is a much shorter list than I like to give. You’ll find more local blogs on ShareEdmonton and in previous blog roundups. I also add my picks to my Flipboard magazine.


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