Edmonton podcast roundup: Sept. 21, 2016

sept21podcastcollage.jpgI’m trying something a little bit new this time around. I notice that earbud.fm‘s newsletter makes recommendations according to length. And I notice that I increasingly make my listening decisions based on how much time I have, among myriad other considerations. So let’s give this a whirl. Let me know what you think.

15 minutes or less

  • Michelle Langevin of YEG Music chooses Rebecca Lappa’s Anchor Tattoo to highlight in the latest Capital City Records podcast (5 min.)
  • On the ECAMP (Edmonton City as Museum Project) podcast, Sarah Hoyles goes way, way, way back to when everything we think of as Edmonton was at the bottom of a lake. (11 min.)

15 to 30 minutes

  • I’m really enjoying the new format on The Dip. Wang Yip and Shawn Kanungo have recently riffed on podcast excerpts from Chris Sacca, Aziz Ansari and Clayton Christensen. Find the audio here. (16 to 19 min.)
  • It’s back to school time, and MacEwan’s Clock Radio has kicked off a new season with a look at what it takes to succeed in first-year university. (22 min.)
  • On That’s So Maven, Andrea Beça and Lauren Dary chat with film editor Sarah Taylor about creative entrepreneurship and motherhood. (23 min.) I also recommend their recent chat with social media superstar Marliss Weber.
  • The latest episode of The One is another of Robyn Wilson’s survey episodes where she talks to previous guests about a topic, in this case, roles in relationships. (24 min.) There’s a nice bit between her and her husband,and if you like that, check out the whole episode featuring Robyn and Phil.
  • On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart talks to Lara Hill about what it was like to live and work in The Maldives. (24 min.)
  • I had a great chat with planner, open-data enthusiast and instigator David Rauch on the latest Seen and Heard in Edmonton. (26 min.)
  • Minister Faust talks to food writer Jennifer Cockrall-King and fantasy novelist Eileen Bell about the writing life and the business of writing.(29 min.)

30 to 45 minutes

  • On Toastcaster, Greg Gazin talks to Brantford’s Robert Lavigne about the interview podcast he started to market his business, and how it ended up knitting together a community. (31 min.)
  • The Press Gallery hits 150 episodes, and has been nominated for a Canadian Online Publishing Award! Here’s the latest episode, all about boards. (35 min.)
  • Explore Rust Magic 2016, #MakeItAwkward, LGBTQ rights in schools and other newsy topics on the second episode of NewsWired, Guerrilla Radio’s new current affairs show. (37 min.)
  • Haley Radke of Adoptees On continues her explorations of the adoption experience in this conversation with Diane, whose birth mother’s story turned out to be very complex. (37 min.)
  • On the NeWest Press podcast, Matt Bowes interviews author Lauralyn Chow about her book of short stories, Paper Teeth, which is set in Edmonton in the 1970s. (40 min.)
  • Edmonton seems to have arena fever, and the chatter has spread to the podcasting world, too. You’ll hear about the new Rogers Place on Hockey Feels, as well as talk about the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. (41 min.)
  • On Soulfront, Mick Lolekonda of Real Life Mechanics describes his journey to Scotty Riddell. (41 min.)
  • On the Northern Nerdcast, Dan and Chelsea chat with Tara and Mark of Tech Geek Gamers. There’s also news here about the Nerdcast’s plans for the Edmonton Expo this weekend, including a live show with Ben Yendall of Tales from the Hydian Way. (44 min.)

45 to 60 minutes

  • Get a photographer’s-eye view of the new iPhone 7 on the latest Shutter Time with Sid and Mac. (50 min.)
  • On The Modern Manhood Podcast, German Villegas talks about theatre life and manly relationships with Taylor Chadwick, host of the What It Is podcast. (53 min.)
  • Kirt and Tanya crack themselves up on the latest Write Reads, so that’s a lot of fun. They discuss Leacock Award nominee Susan Juby’s Republic of Dirt. (56 min.)
  • On For Kicks, Jessica and Katie share final thoughts on the Canadian women’s soccer team’s bronze in Rio, and track down what the players are up to now. (56 min.)
  • On Highlevel Showdown, we learn all about politics in Malta and Germany from the well-travelled Elliott Tanti before he and Michael Vecchio get into it on the happenings closer to home. (58 min.)

More than 60 minutes

  • Now here’s a great crossover: The Movie Jerks (aka JP Fournier and Shawn Gramiak), visit Erin E. Fraser and Matt Bowes on Bollywood is for Lovers to talk about Jism and Jism 2. (1 hr. and 9 min.)
  • The What It Is crew has recovered from the Fringe and is back at it with two delightful guests: musician and producer Jesse Northey of Jesse and the Dandelions, and Julie Kiraly, producer of the new Edmonton Clown Festival. (1 hr and 12 min.)
  • Witch, Please finishes up an in-depth discussion of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so if you can’t get enough Potter talk, Hannah and Marcelle can help. (1 hr. and 26 min.)

OK, so that’s a lot of minutes. And yet, you could find even more on the Podcast Network page, in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page, and on the growing empire that is Guerrilla Radio.

We had a great podcast meetup on Sept. 18, which you can learn all about in the next newsletter (sign up if you haven’t already). The next one is Oct. 23, so save the date and watch for details.

29317962405_0ef9b50eb3_qThis week’s Seen and Heard in Edmonton is brought to you by Taproot Edmonton, a source of curiosity-driven stories about the city, cultivated by the community. Check out Mel Priestley’s story, South Edmonton’s surprising deer paradise, and listen to an interview about her story.

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