Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 20, 2016

Trent Wilkie’s alone time on the river involved a lot more paddling than he planned, but led to pretty pictures like this. (Photo courtesy of thetrentwilkie.com)

I noticed a kind of do-it-yourself vibe in among this week’s posts, so we begin with a couple of solo adventures before swerving into homemade things, and then on to all sorts of wonders:

Hockey all the time

Taking care of business

Current affairs

  • “Crosswalks are where might and right intersect,” writes Glenn Kubish, as he documents yet another car failing to yield to a pedestrian.
  • Troy Pavlek excoriates a proposed public education campaign that seemed to put the onus on pedestrians to prevent fatal collisions.
  • John Richardson runs up against policies and procedures in his attempt to forge a common-sense solution to his roots-in-the-sewer-system problem.
  • Lincoln Ho has a map of the new public murals that emerged from Rust Magic 2016.
  • Mike Jenkinson gives the iPhone 7 a spin.
  • David Climenhaga comments on political strategist Stephen Carter’s intention to help Sandra Jansen win the leadership of the Alberta PC party.
  • High school student and musician Olivia Rose Leaf swoons over 70-year-old Dolly Parton‘s recent performance.

Coming soon

  • The menus are up for the final What the Truck?! food-truck festival of the season.
  • Phil Wilson notes the end of the S’wich food truck and the beginning of a new opportunity for chef Alexei Boldireff.
  • Jason Foster chats with Greg Zeschuk about his groundbreaking new brewpub, Blind Enthusiasm, which is about to open in Ritchie. Also, for a roundup of other brew happenings, check out Jason’s Random Acts of Beerness.
  • Rachel Jones lists some fun things to do with a baby this fall.
  • Now that she’s recovered from the Fringe, Jenna Marynowski has all the news on the fall theatre scene.

She’s got the look

The passage of time

  • Normally I would chastise Justina Smith for rushing the seasons — it’s not even officially fall, and she’s thinking winter! — but these cards of hers are lovely.
  • Outhouses could still be found in the city in 1962, and attracted the attention of a newspaper reporter, Vintage Edmonton uncovers.
  • Marty Forbes pays tribute to Dr. John Callaghan, who performed Canada’s first successful open-heart surgery in Edmonton 60 years ago (and operated on my grandpa many decades ago).
  • Valerie Lugonja celebrates her husband’s 50th birthday with an epic pig roast.

You can find even more at ShareEdmonton. You can also find these picks and previous ones on my Flipboard magazine and in past roundups.

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3 thoughts on “Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 20, 2016

  1. Karen et al!

    May I offer my passion for the sausage up here? Allan Suddaby is, in my humble opinion, #theyegsausageguy ! While he has been called many things, Twyla Campbell once wrote that she had become a “Suddabite” after attending his Sausage Making Class at Eat Alberta. He inspires. He has taught a few sausage making classes at my house, years ago, and is – well – the quintessential sausage making teacher, too.

    As well, I would like to add that any salted caramel macarons made by Miss Lillian Tse would be past perfect.

    And, last (almost), I have had the privilege of visiting Margaret Bose-Johnson’s home and unbelievably gorgeous gardens. There is nothing she doesn’t grow and cannot cook. This woman is a SuperHero in my books and so generous, as well. Saskatoon picking with my mom at her house is a cherished memory. I learn so much from her.

    Karlynn and her kids and bees – what can I say? How sweet they all are!

    And, you have many links to likely many more people as fabulous as each of these that I don’t know as personally and this is what I adore about these round-ups. Real. Personal. Here and now.

    I suggest you book a class with Allan. Your life will never be the same. Thank you for including Vanja’s 50th. What an honour and that post is certainly a window into what we do on these multicultural prairies when we party. (I left out the photographs of the beer)


    1. This is such a lovely and generous addition, Valerie. Thank you so much! I don’t know if I’m brave enough for sausage class (I barely cook!), but I’m happy to read about it. Happy birthday to Vanja — I look forward to seeing what you do next.

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