Edmonton podcast roundup: July 27, 2016

Another long weekend is in the offing, and would you look at that? There’s a whole bunch of local podcasts you could listen to while you chill. These are from the past two weeks, because that’s how I roll now.


  • When Rev Recluse intones “Welcome, welcome, welcome, yes my friends,” I feel so happy. Episode 14 of the Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast features a 1960s “Western Canadian swing” band, Joe Kozak and his Quartet.
  • The ECAMP podcast is back with a fantastic story from Sarah Hoyles on Edmonton’s role in the popularization of the ubiquitous Bird Dance.
  • This week I learned that Cups N Cakes makes for an awesome soundtrack to getting work done. This episode with fill-in cohost Chad from CJSR got me through a lot.
  • Andrea Beça turns the microphone on her co-host, Lauren Dary, for a special episode of That’s So Maven. I also recommend their recent episodes with children’s clothing designer Trish Reeves of Portage and Main, and Lauren Scheit of Creme Catering.
  • My Taproot Edmonton co-founder Mack Male turns up to talk about blogging, podcasting, food trucks, journalism and more on Podcasts with Paul.
  • The Eskimos Empire Podcast had a great conversation with Eskimos president and CEO Len Rhodes, and lots of interesting chatter for football fans. (They also preview and review every game, but the less said about that loss to Hamilton, the better.)


  • Hear Stump Kitchen star Alexis Hillyard and 30 Minute Week co-host and comedian Ben Proulx chat with Taylor Chadwick and Chris Cook on the latest episode of What It Is.
  • A criss-cross! Paul Matwychuk visits his Trash, Art and the Movies co-host Erin E. Fraser and Matt Bowes on Bollywood is for Lovers to compare and contrast Devdas and DevD.
  • Erin and Paul also pit the new Ghostbusters against The Haunting on Trash, Art and the Movies.
  • Sally Poulsen and Jeff Samsonow try to repair the A-Team reboot with Gregg Beever and Colin MacIntyre on I Have Some Notes.
  • David Rae’s debate with Scott Porteous about Marvel Comics takes an odd but amusing turn, as is often the case on The Devil’s Advocate.
  • Drink This Podcast features Matt singing a bit of Barrett’s Privateers by Stan Rogers, and that alone is worth recommending this episode.


  • Hear an interview with retired Canadian soccer legend Karina LeBlanc, and get completely ready for women’s football at the Olympics, on the latest episode of For Kicks.
  • On Write Reads, Kirt and Tania discuss Thomas King’s The Back of the Turtle, shout out to Reading in Bed’s Laura Frey for her star turn on The Candy Palmater Show on CBC Radio One, and get very silly at the end.
  • Condolences to Sylvia Schneider, who lost her horse, Mardi. She shares the story on Equinely Inclined, then she and co-host Diana Balbar learn more about horses and toxic plants.
  • German Villegas has a nice little conversation about fatherhood and husbandhood with Chris Corley on Modern Manhood. (There’s a bit about Pokemon Go after their chat — for more Pokemon chatter, check out Press Start to Join, The Clickbait Podcast and North of 49 for starters.)
  • Pamella Heikel lets us in on her future plans and chats about routine and consistency on  Conscious Conversations.
  • On Monetizing Your Creativity, Marty Forbes makes a great case for podcasting as the future of audio in a conversation with Marv Polis.
  • The most recent Seen and Heard in Edmonton features the audio from our meetup on getting good sound with Ryan Jackson of Full Circle Visuals and Chris Sikkenga of Montreal Sauce and Film Frown.

A wee bit more podcast news:

  • Through a tragic scheduling error, I missed the live recording of the 50th episode of Highlevel Showdown. Watch for it in their feed.
  • CTV’s Dez Melenka did a feature on That’s So Maven. Way to go, Lauren and Andrea!
  • YMM Podcast out of Fort McMurray is back for the first time since the fire.
  • Tales from the Hydian Way has a brand-new website and moved its feed.
  • I finally had a chance to listen to the Jaded Gamers podcast, and it turned out to be their last one. Congrats on 278, guys, and good luck on future adventures.
  • Save the date for our next podcast meetup: It will be at 1 pm on Sept. 18 at Cafe Rista. Details to come.

Find even more Edmonton-made podcasts on the Podcast Network page, in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, and on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page.

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