Edmonton blog roundup: July 26, 2016

A taste of my Taste of Edmonton experience. Not pictured — all of the tastes I cadged from my daughter. The festival continues in Churchill Square until July 30.

It’s festival season! Well, it kind of always is around here, but more so right now. (If you want to see where we’re at, check out Mack Male’s guide.) Let’s begin with a visit to festival-world, followed by mothering, business, sensations, data and miscellaneous goodness



  • Diana Tidswell reports back from a summer soiree celebrating Poppy Barley’s summer collection, eco-friendly designer Nicole Bridger, and other lovely businesses.
  • Calissa of Lux Beauty Boutique picks some beautiful spots to visit in Alberta, and pairs them with appropriate beauty products.
  • Mack Male has a very newsy and interesting Media Monday rounding up what’s going on in the media business.
  • Jason Foster catches us up on the kerfuffle over interprovincial trade barriers and beer.
  • Ashley Janssen continues her enormously helpful series on mentorship with a look at figuring out the right kind of mentor for you.
  • Lindsey McNeill somehow knew I needed a pep talk, and delivered.

For the senses

  • Lindsay of Edible Woman creates a boozy fiesta in your mouth with margarita doughnuts.
  • Fancy a cold brew iced coffee on one of these hot, hot days? Margaret Bose-Johnson can set you up with homemade.
  • Enjoy Cinnamon in this Northern Sessions shoot with Kirsten Ludwig.
  • Learn more about Destiny Swiderski’s striking depiction of Bohemian waxwings at Amiskwaciw Wâskâyhkan Ihtâwin from the Edmonton Arts Council’s blog.
  • Justina Smith shares the fruits of her drink-and-draw tour of Glasgow. But before she went, she painted home.
  • Kristina Lynne offers glimpses of her wedding, starting with getting ready and a beautiful first look between bride and groom.


  • Lowetide pays tribute to Tyler Dellow, whose time as the Oilers’ analytics guy has come to an end.
  • On OilersNation, Chris the Intern gathers up some of the reaction to Dellow’s departure.
  • The Oilers need a complete analytics team and a better understanding of what it takes to use data to win, argues Sunil Agnihotri
  • Statistically speaking, we’ve had our hottest day of the year, says Chris of Edmonton Weather Nerdery. It’s still pretty nice out, though.
  • Dave Cournoyer takes a look at the implications of the most recent fundraising disclosures from Alberta’s provincial parties.
  • Mike Jenkinson wants Google Maps to point him to the nearest gas station. (Free idea for the developers out there!)


  • Adina J did not follow her thrifting rules, but got so many nice things.
  • Leslie Chivers is counselling men on what they should have in their wardrobe.
  • Lindy Pratch is playing book bingo again.
  • Kelsey of Lovely Littlest Life finds she can get a lot done with no Internet.
  • Colleen Murray quenches her thirst for history at graveyards in the summertime.
  • Alanna Lastiwka ventures into the Church of God as she continues her tour of places of worship.
  • Russell Cobb traces the history of garbage incineration in Edmonton.

That’s plenty, but nowhere near everything you could find at ShareEdmonton. You can also find these picks and previous ones on my Flipboard magazine and in past roundups. Get them send right to you along with the podcast roundup and other goodies in the Seen and Heard in Edmonton newsletter.

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