Edmonton podcast roundup: March 2, 2016

First, an update on the Seen and Heard Podcast Network. I’m thrilled to say we’ve got 13 local podcasters who have signalled an interest in joining so far. I’m listing them in bold in the roundup, and you can find all of them on the podcast network page, along with my vision for the network. If you have an Edmonton-made podcast and would like to join, apply here.

My plan is to continue rounding up local podcasts that catch my attention regardless of whether they’re interested in the network. The more people listening to locally made podcasts, the better. Also, remember that this roundup is a reflection of my tastes. Your mileage will undoubtedly vary.

OK, on to the roundup:



  • On the Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast, Rev Recluse plays a couple of amazing acts from late’70s Edmonton, and reveals a surprisingly deep collection of versions of MacArthur Park.
  • Brian Bergum takes an acoustic run at Wonderwall by Oasis on Bi Weekly Unoriginal.
  • Sylvia Schneider and Diana Balbar are back in the saddle, so to speak, with the return of Equinely-Inclined. Episode 142 features a discussion of the Kerry Bog Pony and interviews with a couple of horse trainers.
  • Sarah Hoyles explores what we mean when we say an animal is a pet, and what makes it not a pet anymore, through the story of Bruno the orphan bull.
  • You can also hear Sarah hosting the third episode of the Edmonton City as Museum Project podcast, this one focusing on the Al-Rashid Mosque.
  • And you can hear Sarah talk to me about these podcasts and life after radio on the latest episode of the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast.
  • The latest episode of MacEwan University’s Clock Radio podcast looks at winter cycling through the experience of commuter Dave Buchanen.
  • The Stardreamers try to buy a new shuttle, and it doesn’t go well (but it does go hilariously).

That’s all I could get to this time around. Find more on the Seen and Heard Podcast Network page, in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, and on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page. Seriously, there is so much.

The next Edmonton Podcasting Meetup is scheduled for April 9. Save the date and watch for details. If you missed the Feb. 28 meetup with the aforementioned Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro, listen for it on Seen and Heard in Edmonton on March 7.

logoThis week’s podcast and roundups are brought to you by the Seen and Heard Podcast Network, a project to help local podcasts get more listeners and connect those listeners with local businesses.

In this week’s podcast, Andrea Beça quizzes me about what the network is and why I want to build it. If you’d like to join, apply here.

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