Edmonton blog roundup: March 1, 2016

We begin with children. I have a couple, and besides making good Instagram fodder and (probably) looking after me when I’m old, they turn out to be very interesting people to have around. If kids aren’t your bag, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other posts to dig into after this familial interlude:

Valerie Lugonja dotes on her grandson William, who just turned a year old. (Photo used with permission from acanadianfoodie.com)
  • I just love Valerie Lugonja’s Gramsy posts. What at an epic first birthday party for her little grandson!
  • Kelly-Dawn Aulenbach issues what may be the best metaphor for parenthood I’ve ever heard.
  • Elizabeth Wilkie gives a raw but heartening look at how her marriage has changed since she had a baby.
  • Kassey Koumarelas, who just had her second baby, shares the family photo session they had just before the new arrival.
  • Paul Giang looks at what it will take to get more families with children to live downtown.
  • Date night ideas for less than $10? Sounds like a plan! And YEG Date Night’s sister site, Raising Edmonton, lists restaurants where kids eat free.


Why and how

Artistic pursuits


  • Nicole Rowan cracks me up with the play-by-play thought process on her February thrift hauls.
  • Nicole Winski takes us on a tour of Rutherford House, a thankfully preserved jewel of Edmonton’s heritage
  • What does New York Fashion Week feel like? Let Alyssa Lau show you.
  • So much going on with the food bloggers! Your best bet is to catch up with Sharon Yeo’s food notes.
  • I have to highlight 52Skillz again, on the strength of the coinage “toastception.” You’re just going to have to watch to understand.

This is but a smidgeon of what can be found at ShareEdmonton, so feel free to go find more. You can find these picks and previous ones on my Flipboard magazine.

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4 thoughts on “Edmonton blog roundup: March 1, 2016

  1. Happy March,
    Karen! I look forward to your post as much as Sharon’s weekly Tuesday posts! (Maybe more, but don’t tell Sharon, as I love her dearly!) You provide me with my weekly readings and my interests are as varied as your categories.
    As you are aware, cooking at home for me is all about fostering positive and interactive healthy family relationships, so my personal stories provide a testament to that and are sometimes too personal. (Haha.) But, I so appreciate you sharing them and the family focus section as that is the foundation of it all, no? Love the reads there this week! Thank you!
    And am an art lover and truly appreciate the selections you have culled this week!
    And so much more!
    March came in like a lamb today… , no? What beauty abounds!

  2. This was a great round up. As always. I had tabs open on: parenting, hockey, book club, short story, and Rutherford House (which my kids are obsessed with since we got Thomas Wharton’s book about it.)

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