Edmonton blog roundup: Feb. 9, 2016

Brittney Le Blanc, 124th Street Lover
A screenshot from Brittney Le Blanc’s celebration of 124th Street in the wintertime in Edmonton Tourism’s latest video, which she expands upon in her blog.

A lot of people don’t like February, but it’s my favourite month. I used to celebrate it with my grandpa, and we have many other celebrations at this time of year, in our house and in this city. So let us begin with embracing winter and embracing challenges:

  • Brittney Le Blanc shares her bounteous enthusiasm for 124th Street on her blog (yay, she’s blogging!) and in the Edmonton Tourism video. And hey, Brittney’s on the jury for Make Something Edmonton’s winter project grant.
  • Glenn Kubish shares the Pecha Kucha talk he did in Minneapolis on winter cycling in Edmonton.
  • Marielle T. of Lux Beauty Boutique concurs with the embracing winter idea, and has some specific suggestions for how.
  • Put yourself in a position to do hard things and tap the resources you didn’t know you had, writes Donloree Hoffman after Sunday’s icy half-marathon.
  • Jennifer Fisk reflects on — and shows — what you get when you climb a mountain.
  • Rhonda Krause does Jasper up right in the winter, and shows how you can, too.






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I learn a lot from compiling these roundups, and I’m now in a position to share those lessons with you through my consulting practice. There’s a methodology and an ideology here that I’m happy to share.

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