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Need help planning your podcast?

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I’ve thought a lot about what it takes to make a podcast engaging and relevant to the people you want to serve, in a way that helps you achieve your goals. Visit podcastcanvas.com to download a free one-page planner.

If you’d like more help, I have a few spots available to help you take your podcast from notion to reality:

  • Let’s Get Started package: I will work with your organization to go from concept to first podcast episode. We’ll make sure we have a solid concept that draws on the passion you share with present and future customers, and we’ll create a plan that encompasses format, length, frequency, distribution and technology.
  • Let’s Get Started Lite package: A stripped-down coaching series that gets you from zero to Episode 1 in a shorter time
  • Let’s Keep Going package: I will act as an ongoing resource as you continue to produce your podcast, keeping the production cycle on track, learning from the metrics to increase listenership and refine the message, and advising on how to use social media and other channels to reach more people.

Recent engagements:

  • Sept. 8: Workshop at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre on My Business Has a Blog — Now What?
  • Aug. 9: How to Get Attention by Paying Attention talk for Digital North Bootcamp
  • Aug. 5: Appearance on Alberta Primetime panel.
  • Aug. 4: Workshop at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre on How Podcasting Can Help Get Your Word Out.
  • July 27: Talked about Taproot Edmonton at the BetaCityYEG meetup at Startup Edmonton.
  • July 12: Appearance on CTV Edmonton’s Morning Live talking about local podcasts.
  • June 19: Edmonton Podcasting Meetup with Ryan Jackson and Chris Sikkenga at Variant Edition Comics and Culture.
  • June 17: Appearance on Alberta Primetime panel.
  • June 4: Make Something Public recording session for 100in1Day at the Makerspace at the downtown Edmonton Public Library.
  • June 3: Appearance on Alberta Primetime panel, talking about the news of the week.
  • May 29Edmonton Podcasting Meetup with Jeff Samsonow on asking good questions, at Variant Edition Comics and Culture.
  • May 28: “Becoming a podcaster” session with Zain Velji at the  Canadian Association of Journalists conference in Edmonton. Read the CAJ live blog.
  • May 26:  Panelist at “Journalist Interrupted: Towards a blueprint for a new free press” at MacEwan University. Read J-Source’s live blog and coverage from MacEwan students Sahar Saifee and Kyle Muzyka.
  • May 20: Appearance on Alberta Primetime panel, talking about the news of the week.

Hear me talk about the future of journalism, my love of blogs and podcasts, and Journalist Interrupted on Dinner TV:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.04.12 PM


Consulting services

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/karenunlandYou want to draw attention to your business, your organization or yourself. But it’s a noisy world, and you don’t know where to start.

I can help.

Let me make it easier for you to do two important things:

  • Demonstrate your expertise in a way that puts your audience’s needs first;
  • Build and serve a community that will spread your message for you.

How can I do that? By applying the lessons drawn from my experience:

  • As a reporter and editor for 15 years in mainstream journalism;
  • As co-founder of the Capital Ideas community of business owners helping business owners;
  • As founder of Seen and Heard in Edmonton, an engine for paying attention to Edmonton’s bloggers and podcasters.

The same lessons I’ve learned in those venues can help you succeed.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Email me at karen@unlandmedia.com.