Edmonton podcast roundup: Dec. 11, 2015

dec11collageSavour these, because this is the last podcast roundup of 2015. I’m taking a couple of weeks to pay attention to my family without my headphones in, and stuff like that. But fear not — this is too fun to quit, and I will be back in January with regular coverage of Edmonton’s growing and diverse podcast scene.

To make up for my impending absence, I’m going to throw in some bonus material throughout to make sure you’re never without something local to listen to for the rest of this year:

  • “I laughed, I cried” is such a cliché, but seriously — Danica LeBlanc’s meet-cute story in this episode of The One made me laugh out loud, and Brandon Schatz’s last quote made me cry.
  • On Trash, Art, and the Movies, Erin E. Fraser and Paul Matwychuk compare Star Wars to Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress.
  • Boozy Boob Tube turns its attention to Jessica Jones and other lady detectives.
    • The BBT team has also launched For Kicks, a podcast about women’s soccer, which should drop another episode in December.
  • The penultimate episode of The Unknown Studio features an interview with librarian Kyle Marshall.
    • Adam Rozenhart’s The Expats may have another episode this month. If not, the back catalogue is rich.
    • Another back catalogue you may want to explore is Numenera: The Signal, Scott C. Bourgeois’s podcast about a role-playing game.
  • On Bi-Weekly Unoriginal, Brian Bergum does a great cover of Peace Train by Cat Stevens.
    • Brian techs for — and occasionally speaks on — What It Is, the reliably entertaining entertainment podcast with Taylor Chadwick and Chris Cook.
  • The Movie Jerks nerd out with actor, improv master and all-round creative guy Mark Meer, who made them watch Hawk the Slayer.
    • The Movie Jerks and What It Is are part of the Northern Content Network, which is full of more stuff to listen to and watch.
  • Three friends — Travis, Chris and Cam — have launched a new podcast called My Side of Life, sharing perspectives on life as a guy at 30. The latest episode is called Regrets.
    • They also have some connections to Tech Geek Gamers, whose YouTube channel will keep you busy for some time.
  • This episode of North by NorthGretz is worth a listen just for the opportunity to imagine Wanye Gretz in a battle royale. They also talk about the Oilers.
  • Don’t forget the most recent Seen and Heard in Edmonton with Linda Hoang, and watch Sunday (Dec. 13) for the last episode of 2015 with Colin MacIntyre of the Long John Index.

That should do you, but there’s more if you need it on previous podcast roundups and the Edmonton Nerd List. The Seen and Heard in Edmonton Twitter feed will likely have some, too.

There’s one more blog roundup coming on Dec. 14. And then I rest.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that. I’ll see you in 2016.

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