Edmonton blog roundup: Dec. 7, 2015

This shop-local shot of United Cycle by Amanda Sutherland is very fitting, since the roundup gets around to the Oilers, too. (Photo courtesy of The Local Good.)

‘Tis the season, I suppose — you can’t swing a holly branch without hitting a gift guide in blogland these days. I’ve got a bit of bah-humbug in me, but these posts are actually pretty useful for a locally focused person like me.

And so, let’s begin with gifts and giving:

  • Amanda Sutherland lists some local one-stop shops to visit.
  • Deb Merriam encourages Christmas shoppers to show off their local shopping and participate in the next 124th Street Cash Mob.
  • Stephanie Mitchell makes a Christmas wish list with a healthy dollop of local in it.
  • Shayne Woodsmith looks at Marissa Loewen’s knitting bee to make toques, scarves and mittens for Syrian refugees.

Oh, those Oilers

  • The Oilers’ rebuild has been a failure, but that doesn’t mean its core of players is rotten, argues Matt Henderson. (P.S. The team has been on a streak since these posts were written, but I still think they are worth reading.)
  • He also excoriates a Hockey News writer‘s argument that the NHL shouldn’t let the Oilers win the draft lottery again.
  • Wanye Gretz finds four reasons why this 30th-place Oilers team is not as bad as previous 30th-place Oilers teams.
  • John Richardson is grateful that building the new arena is putting a lot of people to work.


  • Vintage Edmonton’s collection of clippings from 1978 includes a story about the first Vietnamese refugees arriving in the city.
  • Vintage Edmonton rounds up various ads for night life over the years, from “A Polite Vaudeville Co.” to strippers at Tita’s.
  • Always interesting to find a route I travel a lot on Lost YEG.
  • Colleen Murray tries to find the grave of a long-lived great-great-grandfather.
  • Family Fun Edmonton makes the case for taking the kids to see the Magna Carta.

Let’s eat

  • Lillian Tse shows she’s not afraid of a complex recipe with her how-to on Paris-Brest. I guess the difficulty level of macarons will do that for you!
  • Margaret Bose-Johnson pushes back against the empty-nest syndrome she’s been feeling with a squares recipe she took with her when she left home.
  • Chris Falconer reviews the Swine and Dine dinner at the Hotel Macdonald.
  • The Edible Woman’s hibiscus and pomegranate jellies are practically good for you, and so pretty.


  • Fish Griwkowsky is getting rid of stuff using the minimalist game.
  • Laura Frey has been BookTubing up a storm, with a wrap of Novellas in November and regular dips into the short story advent calendar.
  • Jenna Marynowski reviews Burning Bluebeard, a particularly apt offering at the Roxy on Gateway, risen from the ashes of the Roxy on 124th.
  • Kelly-Dawn Aulenbach shares the lessons she hopes her children learned on a recent trip.
  • Stacey K features an incredibly stylish wedding in pink and black on yegwed.
  • Alyssa Lau shows her winter style on a day with just enough snow.
  • Chris Tse tries fatbiking through the snow and likes it.
  • Paper Leaf launched a Twitter-powered robot and it became quite the Internet sensation, writes Jeff Archibald.
  • Dave Forster does an instructive post-mortem after his company’s website was hacked.
  • Kendyl Lauzon is home again, with plenty of lessons about herself under her belt.


  • Natasha Chiam wonders angrily why women repudiate the term feminist.
  • On I Heart Edmonton, Erin Hoskins shares how WINGS of Providence helped her escape an abusive relationship and make a new life.
  • Tessa Stamp explores what it has been like to work as a theatre technician among mostly men, in the latest #bitchplease instalment on Lindsey McNeill’s blog.
  • Lori Godin gives us an entertaining glimpse at the chaos of motherhood.

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