Edmonton podcast roundup: Nov. 20, 2015

nov20collage1We’ve already got 25 people signed up to attend this month’s podcasting meetup, which happens on Nov. 22 at 11 a.m. at Variant Edition. It’s not too late to join us if you’re so inclined — we’ll be a fun and useful time with Mack Male, Adam Rozenhart and Scott Francis Winder.

In the meantime, here are some things I listened to this week:

  • On Bollywood is for Lovers, Matt Bowes and Erin E. Fraser look at the many faces of actress Priyanka Chopra.
  • Taylor Chadwick and Chris Cook visit with The Good Women Dance Collective on What It Is.
  • Sandra Sperounes chats with the musicians behind Sweety Pie Records on Dirt City Limits.
  • Kevin Horek interviews the always inspirational Gregg Oldring of Mailout and Inkdit on Building the Future.
  • Phil Wilson holds his first “food forum” with food bloggers Sharon Yeo and Liane Faulder on Off Menu. (By the way, you can hear me interrogate Phil on the latest Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast.)
  • On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart talks to a Canadian in Brazil, living in a city that isn’t anything like the kind of place we think of when we think about Brazil.
  • Thanks to the meetup, I’ve discovered Montreal Sauce, one of two podcasts co-hosted by Edmontonian Chris Sikkenga. The latest episode includes some solid tips on how to have a successful Patreon campaign.
  • This one was from last week, but I missed it until now: Tema Frank had a really great discussion about change and agency with Sandra Woitas and Mariana Konsolos.
  • The latest episode of Drink This Podcast has an in-depth discussion of Alberta’s new liquor import tax and craft beer.
  • For a serious discussion of the aftermath of the Paris attacks, listen to the Highlevel Showdown. For a less serious (but no less appalled) discussion of this and other current events, try the 30 Minute Week.
  • Also starting with Paris and then heading into a discussion of journalism with Samantha Power is The Unknown Studio.
  • On Yegs & Bacon, Devin R. Bruce joins Brandon and Danica to talk comics and preview Apocalypse Kow’s All is Bright performance.
  • The Movie Jerks talk to Jeremy Gardner, star and director of Tex Montana Will Survive.
  • The Write Reads podcast is back, this time with a look at Robert Wiersema’s Black Feathers.

You can find more in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, in Jay Runham’s #yegcasts list, and on the new Edmonton Nerd List’s media page.

I’ll see some of you at the meetup. If you can’t come, there will be a writeup in the newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

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