Edmonton podcast roundup: Nov. 13, 2015

nov13collageSo, as promised last week, I did some back-of-the-envelope calculations, and as near as I can tell, the 53 Edmonton-connected podcasts I’ve found so far are responsible for more than 6,000 minutes of audio every month. One hundred hours of listening. Whoa. Here’s a small sample:

  • On The Yards podcast, Omar Mouallem interviews Edmonton Centre MLA David Shepherd about his new role as a politician, his previous life in music, and the issues he’s tackling at the Legislature.
  • The Vintage Edmonton Music podcast takes a look at the ’70s country stylings of Danny Hooper.
  • Robyn Wilson tells the love story of Adam and Rachel, a couple that aims “to be each other’s cherry on top,” on The One.
  • Paul Blinov and Fawnda Mithrush review Citie Ballet’s Enigma and the Alberta debut of the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and they inhale helium. Something for everyone on I Don’t Get It.
  • The Star Wars fans of Tales from the Hydian Way explore the role of hope and despair in the films and in the games they play.
  • Alex Thomas interviews hockey-blogging legend Bruce McCurdy about the Oilers’ season so far on The Oilers Rig.
  • Speaking of hockey, you might want to catch my interview with The Copper & Blue’s Ryan Batty. Next up on the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast is Phil Wilson of Off Menu.
  • On the Building the Future podcast, Kevin Horek interviews local entrepreneur Blaine Bertsch about his startup, Dryrun, and how his design background led to it.
  • Trash, Art and the Movies considers a very unusual pairing of films about ancient civilizations.
  • Pamella Heikel has a wide-ranging conversation about life, balance, community and priorities with coffee-lover and community builder Sarah Jackson on ELLASAID.

You can find more in previous podcast roundups, as well as on the Northern Content Network and in Jay Runham’s #yegcasts list.

This week’s newsletter will have details on what to expect at our Nov. 22 podcasting meetup, so I encourage you to subscribe  if you haven’t already. I’m really excited about the new podcasts I’m discovering just from people signing up for the meetup.

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