Edmonton podcast roundup: Oct. 23, 2015

The Unknown Studio mug
A cup to hold my tears after the Unknown Studio got to podcasters Robyn and Phil Wilson before me.

It’s been a podcast-o-rific week, between the podcasting workshop I did at the Edmonton Public Library for Startup Week and preparations for Saturday’s podcasting meetup and making my own podcast and doing plenty o’ podcast listening in between. To wit:

  • The Unknown Studio scooped me (!) by getting podcasters Phil Wilson of Off Menu and Robyn Wilson of The One on the show. But that’s OK, because I can’t get enough of Phil and Robyn.
  • Speaking of Off Menu, you have to listen to Phil’s conversation with farmer Shannon Ruzicka of Nature’s Green Acres. It’s got sexy pictures, an actual pig’s head, tales of deprivation, everything really.
  • On Yegs & Bacon, Danica Leblanc and Brandon Schatz talk comics and then interview Kelly Thompson, who writes the new Jem and the Holograms comic.
  • What’s more fun than a federal election? Talking about it afterwards! Get your poli-wonk on with Elliott Tanti and Michael Vecchio on Highlevel Showdown, and with Dan Taylor and Ben Proulx on 30 Minute Week. (UPDATE: One more political podcast: The Press Gallery takes a look at the federal election, too.)
  • Alex Fortin and Dan Clarke talk religion with a former Jehovah’s Witness on a more-serious-than-usual episode of The Worst Podcast Ever.
  • On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart talks to Gail Aguiar, a free spirit who is living in Portugal for now.
  • Vintage Edmonton released a bonus episode with listener mail and an amazing track from Tommy Banks.
  • Trash, Art and the Movies looks at masculinity in crisis through the lens of two Jack Nicholson movies directed by Mike Nichols.
  • The Movie Jerks discuss Apollo 18 and 2001: A Space Odyssey with Prof. William Anselmi.
  • Here’s my conversation with Taylor Chadwick and Brian Bergum of What It is. Next up on the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast is Chris Tse.
  • Last week, I forgot to mention the latest from I Don’t Get It, a review of Brian Webb Dance Company’s presentation of Solitudes: Solo. But I like the episode so much, there you have it.

There’s plenty more going on out there, but that’s what I had a chance to listen to. And remember, this is what I like. You probably like other stuff. Find more on the Northern Content Network and in Jay Runham’s #yegcasts list.

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