Edmonton blog roundup: Oct. 19, 2015

It’s Election Day in Canada, and while I’m grateful for democracy and the peaceful way we get governments around here, I’m also done with the rhetorical excesses of the past few months. Here are some less irritating things to pay attention to:

Process, by Brandon Schatz
A page from Brandon Schatz’s 24-hour comic, shared on the Variant Edition blog (variantedmonton.com)
Let’s have some joy
  • Brandon Schatz reached outside his comfort zone to participate in a 24-hour comic challenge, and he shares the delightful results with us.
  • For his 52nd skill on his challenge vlog, Stephen Robinson made a Rube Goldberg machine composed of the previous 51 skills he has acquired during this project. The look on his face when it works is priceless.
  • The Oilers’ first win of the season made the hockey bloggers so happy, and that’s nice to see for a change. Here’s Matt Henderson’s take on Oilers Nation, and here’s Copper & Blue’s.
  • Jacqueline Jacek goes full Marie Antoinette for her latest collection of chocolate.
  • Randy Talbot soaks up a beautiful day in the river valley.
  • Stephanie Gonzalez is excited about some new, renewed or on-their-way restaurants.
  • Nice to hear that the Edmonton Digital Arts College’s Enlightened Fall led Sarah Gardener to a job at Kick Point.
  • Beverley Jackman continues her Edmonton Spaces series with another cool business based at Vacancy Hall: Art by PEKOE.
  • Devin R. Bruce renews his love for a Douglas Adams classic.
  • Jenna Marynowski finds a lot to love about The Good Bride, the latest production by Northern Light Theatre.
  • Savanna Harvey interviews the passionate creators of the film Borealis.
  • Karlynn Johnston is going to Christmas in November, which makes her pretty darned joyful. (Also, check out the new blog she and her husband Mike have launched about their blogger life.)
Helping out
Messages from the past
OK, a little bit of politics
  • Ryan Hastman guest-blogs on Daveberta about the sacrifices made by the candidates.
  • Rick Harcourt explains how an Albertan raised on hating Trudeau could vote Liberal.

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