Edmonton blog roundup: Oct. 12, 2015

A lot of the blogs that caught my eye this week have business focus, maybe because I’m working on a business of my own here. Take a look:

Elyse Williams, The Local Good
A sample of the wares available as the farmers’ markets move indoors, as shown by Elyse Williams (Photo used with permission from The Local Good)
Getting down to business
Open book
Election time
Going places
And more…
  • Valerie Lugonja reflects on her family through the dishes she serves at Thanksgiving.
  • Cathy Walsh rescues a bag of hard brown sugar and turns it into a sweet concoction called penuche.
  • The Northern Sessions captures a couple of songs from Men of Motown.
  • Vickie Laliotis is committed to restoring order to her beauty products.
  • Lori Godin offers fun and sneaky ways to get your kids to practice spelling.

That’s just a snippet. You can find much more at ShareEdmonton. I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine, and I share stuff on Twitter: @seenandheardyeg and @karenunland. Check out my podcast roundup on Fridays.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you can keep up with the roundups and other Seen and Heard in Edmonton productions. For that, I would be thankful.

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