Edmonton podcast roundup: Oct. 16, 2015

Dear Edmonton: You really filled my ears this week. Wow. Thank you.

Brian Bergum and Taylor Chadwick make podcast magic for What It Is in the living-room studio.
  • What It Is has two great interviews, one with musician Cassia Hardy of Wares, and the other with Trevor Schmidt and Arielle Rombough of The Good Bride. Both are superb, and I’m not just saying that because Taylor Chadwick enthusiastically promotes our Oct. 24 podcast meetup (though that was indeed awesome). Listen for more from What It Is on my podcast this Sunday.
  • What It Is co-host Brian Bergum has a fun new podcast called Bi Weekly Unoriginal, where he covers a tune and talks a little about it. The latest is on Man of Constant Sorrow.
  • Yegs & Bacon shares the audio from Gender is not a Genre —Growing Up Geek, featuring four brilliant panelists, including my own dear daughter.
  • Speaking of awesome live discussions about feminism and pop culture, I highly recommend Witch, Please; Live & Unruly.
  • Wish Matt Bowes happy birthday by listening to him and Erin E. Fraser talk about the next generation of performers on Bollywood is for Lovers.
  • Robyn Wilson talks relationships with a very practical but totally-in-love couple, Jackie and Scott, on The One.
  • David Rae’s performance on this episode of The Devil’s Advocate with Stan Ostrowski is a tour de force.
  • On The Press Gallery, Paula Simons, Mariam Ibrahim, Alexandra Zabjek and host Brett Wittmeier discuss the Edmonton Catholic school board (which got even crazier after this episode was recorded) and the coming federal election.
  • On a special episode of The Expats, Adam Rozenhart and Samantha Power talk about the rule changes that will prevent many expats from voting in this election.
  • And speaking of politics, tune into my conversation with blogger and pundit Dave Cournoyer, and check out his list of favourite podcasts.
  • Enjoyable trash talk ensues when Your Team Sucks takes a look at the NHL’s western conference.
  • Wang Yip and Shawn Kanungo discuss the future of food with Chef Paul Campbell on The Dip.

That’s just a sample of what you could subscribe to. Find more on the Northern Content Network, which is hosting an election party at The Black Dog on Oct. 19. Jay Runham’s yegcasts list can put you in touch with even more local podcasts.

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