Edmonton podcast roundup: Sept. 25, 2015

MacKinnon Ravine tree
Do you know what’s hard to illustrate? Podcasts. Believe me when I say I was listening to The Expats when I took this picture in the MacKinnon Ravine.

Hello! As I’ve mentioned a few times in my regular blog roundup, the more I look for interesting independent media made in Edmonton, the more I find. As a result, the roundup keeps getting longer and longer, and any podcasts I mention kind of get lost in the shuffle.

Hence this podcast roundup, which I plan to release every Friday, just in time for weekend listening.

Keep in mind that this is filtered through my particular taste, and depends on what I’ve been able to discover and had time to listen to.

So what did I find?

  • On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart interviews Graeme Smith, a Canadian expat in Ecuador.
  • The Unknown Studio kicks off its seventh season with news of its imminent demise. Alas. But we still have episodes to look forward to between now and December. Congrats to hosts Scott C. Bourgeois and the aforementioned Adam on a great run.
  • If you’re looking for an extremely NSFW discussion of David Cameron and that pig, followed by a reasonably SFW discussion of the CBC, 30 Minute Week has you covered.
  • The Edmonton Journal’s Dirt City Limits takes a look at brunch.
  • Series 9 of Doctor Who has begun, so you might want to nerd out about the premiere with Radio Free Skaro and/or Doctor Whooch.
  • On Trash, Art and the Movies, Paul Matwychuk and Erin E. Fraser compare and contrast a couple of movies about repressed villages. (Listen for Erin on the next Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast, coming out Sept. 27.)
  • The Movie Jerks preview the Edmonton International Film Festival and talk about a couple of movies about free spirits.
  • The What It Is podcast previews Theatre Yes’s season opener and Teatro la Quindicina’s season closer.

That’s a lot of hours, so I’ll stop there for now.

You can find more locally produced podcasts on the Northern Content Network. Jay Runham has compiled a Twitter list of local podcasts and podcasters, so you can find even more there. And the lovely folks at Variant Edition Comics have started a regular feature called Pod People, the inaugural post of which focuses on the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast. Which was awfully nice.

If you sign up for the Seen and Heard in Edmonton newsletter, you will get more on what’s happening in new media in Edmonton and an invitation to a meetup for podcasters and the pod-curious coming up in October.

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