Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 21, 2015

This week sees the official start of fall, though we’ve been in that frame of mind for quite some time now, haven’t we? Here are some good things to read, listen to or watch as you cozy up.

Owls by Nature, Northern Sessions
One of several cool shots of Owls by Nature taken by Naomi Brierley and Pablo Herrera for Northern Sessions. (Used with permission, northernsessions.com)
Going places
  • The Northern Sessions crew shoots a couple of songs by Owls by Nature before the band heads off on its next European tour.
  • Andy Grabia visits a storied and soon-to-vanish ballpark in Peace River.
  • Alouise Dittrick takes in the theatre experience in tiny, lovely Rosebud.
  • Catherine Szabo maps the places her interviewees always bring visitors to see.
  • Kevin Schenk shares a video postcard of his recent trip to China.
Where we live
  • Michelle Peters-Jones takes the plunge and learns how to make proper rotis.
  • Stephen Robinson figures out how to do a back flip.
  • Daryl Hooke launches his Engaging Humans video series on creativity.
  • On Podcast! the Comics, James Leask and Brandon Schatz discuss a lot of pop culture and explore the sad state of indigenous characters in comics.
Coming up
Feast your eyes

Quite the harvest. Find more in the blogs feed at ShareEdmonton. I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine, and I share stuff on Twitter: @seenandheardyeg and @karenunland.

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