Episode 10: Jenna Marynowski

Jenna MarynowskiMeet Jenna Marynowski, the woman behind After the House Lights, an outlet for her profound passion for local theatre.

Jenna caught the writing-about-theatre bug at Sound + Noise, which led her to start own place to shine a spotlight on the dramatic arts.

In addition to reviews, she also pays exceptionally close attention to theatre festivals, whether it’s posting dozens of previews of Fringe shows, or comprehensively covering lesser-known events such as Canoe, Found Festival and NextFest. She also keeps regular track of the scene in her Edmonton downstage feature, and her hard work has been rewarded by The Yeggies, Edmonton’s new media awards.

You can find Jenna on Twitter: @jennamarynowski.

You can also listen on SoundCloud or subscribe in iTunes. And the podcast is now available on Stitcher.

Here are Jenna’s recommendations for local blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels:


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3 thoughts on “Episode 10: Jenna Marynowski

  1. I think about the reviewer vs reporter vs fan vs “industry person” thing too! Like you, the closer I get to both the actual book world (local authors, local publishers) and the book blog world, the less I am a “regular” reader and the more I’m just writing for other bloggers. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s something I think about…

    I also think about how I’d like to cover more and more of the literary scene in Edmonton but I think your comment about it being a part time job at that point is true and I just can’t swing that. I agree that it’s best to focus in on the things that really interest you, as that interest will probably come through in your writing.

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