Edmonton blog roundup: Aug. 10, 2015

Sweet peas
Sweet peas from my sweetie, on the deck. Those were his picks; these are mine…

I’m writing this on our new deck, in the sunshine, trying to soak up all of this summer and keep it in my heart till winter. I’m also marvelling at all of the interesting things I read and listened to this week:

Special occasions
Movie news
  • Andy Grabia takes a deep look at the career of Alberta’s own Helen Nicol, a star pitcher in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
  • Elizabeth Withey trades a story for a symbol of home.
  • Jenny Adams realizes how fast her babies are growing up.
  • Valerie Lugonja has a wonderful visit with her brand-new grandson.
  • Northern Sessions shot two videos with singer-songwriter Braden Gates, who you may have heard at the Edmonton International Airport (or at least I have).
  • Adina J analyzes the numbers on half a year of shopping.
  • The latest Vintage Edmonton podcast features 1970s mainstay (and possessor of a great head of hair) Jack Hennig.
  • Adam Snider weighs the pros and cons of blogging on Medium.
  • Marty Forbes makes the case for local management of radio stations.
  • OilersNation is running a meme contest that legit made me laugh out loud.
  • My latest podcast is with Laura Frey, the clever and well-read blogger behind Reading in Bed, who recommended a boatload of blogs, podcasts and YouTubers.

There’s a lot more to be found in the ShareEdmonton blogs feed. I also collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine.

You can find me on Twitter @seenandheardyeg or @karenunland (some cross-pollination but mostly different stuff on each).

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