Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast: Episode 5

Laura Frey from reading-in-bed.comMeet Laura Frey, the woman behind Reading in Bed, a delightful blog about books and the reading life. Reading in Bed started as part of Laura’s challenge to herself to make a bigger dent in a list of “1,001 books you must read before you die,” but it has since transformed into something more. Book blogging gave Laura access to a world she didn’t even know existed, and she has jumped in with both feet.

We talk about the book blogging scene at home and abroad, and the challenge of meeting your own needs while serving the reader and dealing with the expectations of publishers. While she likes to read a variety of things, Laura pays quite a bit of attention to the local literary scene, and if you want to know what’s happening there, her Reading in #yeg page is a great place to start.

(Update: I forgot to say where else you can find Laura online. She’s @lauratfrey on Twitter, and you can find her on Goodreads, too)

Laura was outstandingly generous in the number of recommendations she offered of other blogs, podcasts and YouTubers to check out. Here is a list she sent me of everything she mentioned on the podcast, and a few more she threw in for good measure:

Book blogs
Author blogs
Non-book blogs I read for fun:
Blogs I read for work:

Wow, right? This is one well-read lady.

This week’s episode is brought to you by InterChange at the Mosaic Centre. If you are looking for creative and sustainable co-working space, sign up for a free tour at

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