Edmonton blog roundup: Aug. 3, 2015

Edmonton AM on CBC Radio One did a show on hidden gems last week, and with the help of a clever intervention by Jay Runham, I got to burble on about my favourite subject — blogs and podcasts. I only had time to recommend three, though I squeezed in a few other mentions. Good thing I have this space to draw attention to more.

Chris Tse, Blitz Conditioning
Chris Tse takes beautiful pictures as he runs, and this week he shared some with us on the Blitz Conditioning blog, along with maps to his hidden gems. (Photo of Strathcona Science Park, used with permission from Chris)
Speaking of hidden gems
  • Chris Tse was on Edmonton AM, too, recommending running trails that he documented beautifully.
  • Laura Frey (one of my gems) issues a correction about The Corrections.
  • If you haven’t discovered Surgery 101 yet, fix that. Stop-motion Lego tutorials — need I say more?
  • Adam Rozenhart made it into the “New and Noteworthy” list in iTunes, so he’s hardly hidden any more, but The Expats remains a gem. The latest is with Colm Heaney in Northern Ireland.
On parenting
Sweets for the sweet

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