Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast: Episode 4

Andrea Beca

Meet Andrea Beça, a filmmaker, blogger and ukulele aficionado who loves to set herself challenges that she has to do out loud, usually at, aka Jayne Mansfield Had Stretchmarks.

Andrea is nearing the end of her #ukuleleyear project, in which she learns a new song every week and posts her performance of it on YouTube. This episode was recorded after Andrea and I had recorded a duet of All of Me. Watch if you dare! The other videos she refers to are Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Strawberry Wine and Friday I’m in Love.

She also talked about a film she is getting ready to shoot for Kissing Habit, and another project she’ll start when this ukulele business is over with. Follow her at @contessabessa on Twitter to keep up. (That’s her handle on Instagram, too.)

Here are the local blogs and podcasts that Andrea recommended:

This week’s episode is brought to you by InterChange at the Mosaic Centre. If you are looking for creative and sustainable co-working space, sign up for a free tour at

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