Edmonton blog roundup: Feb. 2, 2015

This was a week of laughing, celebrating, thinking and just shaking my head. It was also a week in which Tumblr changed its back-end interface, which is making me crazy as I write this, but onward.


Friends Without Benefits, a sketch-comedy web series by Adam Rozenhart, Andrea Beça and Trent Wilkie, debuted this week. Lindsey McNeill reveals a bit about the principals, and they reveal a bit more on The Unknown Studio podcast and on Just Adam Minute, and then they really go all out singing Strawberry Wine. Really. (Screen cap above, which I can’t link, for some reason. Grrr.)

What else has been happening?

I think I’ve got this new Tumblr stuff mostly figured out now. Phew. If you want to make your own pile of blogs, on Tumblr or elsewhere, I suggest mining the vast riches of ShareEdmonton.

I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine, too. If you’re ever wondering what I’m on about, ask me on Twitter @karenunland.

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