Edmonton blog roundup: Jan. 26, 2015

This week I learned that the day Dave Cournoyer started daveberta is the day I went into labour with my second child. Coincidence? Utterly. But two good things born around the same time is worth noting, I think.

image“Blogging is a great hobby and Alberta politics continues to offer great content,” Dave writes in his 10th anniversary post. We’re lucky he feels that way. Daveberta is essential reading, not only on the subject but as a demonstration of passion and intelligence in action. (Photo of Dave Cournoyer courtesy of Mark Blevis, used under Creative Commons licence.)

What else caught my eye? 

I’ve got a soft spot for history. To wit:

Back to politics:

  • Natasha Chiam has had it up to here with “boys will be boys” excuses for misogynistic behaviour.
  • Janelle Aker argues that the debate over gay-straight alliances is not the time for raising other reasons kids are bullied at school.
  • David Climenhaga reminds us of the subversive nature of poet Robbie Burns.

And, since we started with a stalwart of Edmonton’s blogosphere, let’s end with two more: Sharon Yeo and Mack Male document their very Edmonton wedding in classic Mack-and-Sharon fashion.

You could find just as many blogs that suit your particular fancy at ShareEdmonton. That’s where I find most of mine.

I collect my picks in this Flipboard magazine, too. If you’re ever wondering what I’m on about, ask me @karenunland.

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