Edmonton blog roundup: Feb. 9, 2015

I turned 45 last week, which is old enough to know better. Better than what, I don’t know. Anyway..


Cheryl Cottrell-Smith reviews Bliss Baked Goods, which is now within walking distance of my house, and by the looks of it, I’d better walk to earn those delicious calories. (Photo used with permission from wine + dine.)

I found a few good posts on the subject of shopping:

  • As Target Canada liquidates, Sheri Landry calls for empathy and kindness towards the employees. 
  • Lori Godin shows how online shopping has changed the face of retail, through the lens of her own family’s shopping habits. (She has Target tips, too.)
  • On The Local Good, Marliss Weber chats with my friend and neighbour Marissa Loewen about On the Spot Pop Ups.
  • City and Baby has some tips on choosing a school, which is a kind of shopping, I suppose. (Our neighbourhood school’s kindergarten open house is March 12, by the way.)
  • And after all that, you’re going to need a coffee. Phil Wilson collects some recommendations ahead of YEG Coffee Week
  • Or maybe a beer. I don’t partake, but Jason Foster’s post on a new brewery in Edson caught my eye, as that’s where I grew up.

How about some hockey:

  • Wanye Gretz notes the shrinking of the Oilogosphere, which leads to further thoughts on the subject from Sunil Agnihotri.
  • Matt Fenwick revives The Battle of Alberta blog to comment on the advanced stat that bears his name. Sunil has a good post on hockey data, too.
  • Sidenote: There is a bloggers-vs-journalists fight going on — still — about the Oilers hiring Tyler Dellow. I find such fights too depressing for words, but if you want to catch up on the latest skirmish, read this post on Copper & Blue, including the comments, plus Jonathan Willis and John MacKinnon.
  • Let’s cleanse the palate with something more uplifting: BGCBigs has a story about how hockey is helping a young man make people proud.

That feels like enough from me, but you can find plenty more posts at ShareEdmonton. You can even add yours if you don’t see it.

I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine. I’m reachable on Twitter: @karenunland.

UPDATE: One more that I came across late and liked a lot: Robin Mazumder shares his thoughts on designing a winter city for mental health.

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