Edmonton blog roundup: July 21, 2014

It may be summer, but vacation season hasn’t stopped Edmonton bloggers from writing up a storm. Here are a few for your reading pleasure:

imageimageSalma Kaida is justifiably excited about the green onion cake donair she discovered at the East Meets West festival. 

  • Natasha Chiam will probably make you cry, especially if you’re a parent. What a story.
  • BGCBigs has a heartwarmer about two young men brought together by the program. 
  • I saw an arthropod theme emerging:
    — Sarah McPike takes a hardcore look at apple maggots
    — Dustin Bajer demonstrates how to catch a swarm of bees. (Urban beekeeping is allowed now, as Mack Male reports.) 
    — Karlynn Johnson gets a scorpion leg caught in her teeth at K-Days (and enjoys other midway delights with Adam Rozenhart).
  • Speaking of Adam, he has learned some more YouTube lessons.
  • New Music Michael mourns the impending sale of Wunderbar
  • Sue Heuman salutes Entrepreneur Barbie
  • Quite a few bloggers have been shining spotlights on fellow Edmontonians:
    — On The Noteworthy, Gillian Thomson chats with Wade Kelly of Nerd Nite, Story Slam, Camp fYrefly and other cool things. 
    — #YEGBIKE highlights bicycle commuters of note. Here’s one on my friend Eric Jenkins.  More here
    — On Transforming Edmonton, Alex MacDonald checks in with Melissa Emery, fleet safety officer with the City of Edmonton. 
    — The Northern Nerd Network interviews artist Sylvia Moon.   
    — The Edmonton Arts Council celebrates poet laureate Mary Pinkoski’s busy first year. 

So many things! You can find even more on ShareEdmonton.

If you’re a Flipboard enthusiast, here’s a magazine of my picks.

What local blogs would you like more people to read? Comment, or send your favourites to @karenunland.

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