Edmonton podcast roundup: May 18, 2016

The May long weekend is almost upon us, and I hope you unplug for a bit. But when you re-plug, so to speak, perhaps you would like to put these podcasts in your ears:


  • Marc Mackenzie has revved up the Tweeters in 12 machine again! I greatly enjoyed his conversation with Shira Selkovits, a sketch comedian, podcaster and LinkedIn executive.
  • What It Is has two excellent conversations, one with opera singer Jacques Arsenault, and the other with Nathan Cuckow about Kill Your Television’s new production, The Conversion.
  • On the Press Gallery, Sarah O’Donnell moderates a fascinating discussion with Journal/Sun editor-in-chief Lorne Motley, Fort McMurray Today managing editor Olivia Condon and city columnist Paula Simons about covering the Fort McMurray fire.
  • Comedian Simon King makes a valiant case against ignorance, but of course David Rae wins the argument on The Devil’s Advocate.
  • Hockey Feels takes a look at national anthems before games, what’s going on in the playoffs and the retirement of goalie Jenny Scrivens.
  • German Villegas has an interesting chat with Matt Souch about friendship and family on Modern Manhood. I also recommend his conversation with activist and student politician Jason Garcia.


  • On Highlevel Showdown, Elliott Tanti and Michael Vecchio disagree about a column evaluating Premier Rachel Notley, and discuss electoral reform among other political matters.
  • Marcelle Kosman and Hannah McGregor have a lot of fun with being Internet famous, and make many fascinating points about politics, feminism and textuality on Witch, Please.
  • On Press Start to Join, Mike talks about cosplaying Master Chief at the Calgary Comic Expo, which included shooting an ad and various shenanigans.
  • Dan Taylor and Ben Proulx talk about penis transplants, climate change, and a little bit of theology on 30 Minute Week.
  • (Late addition!) The Lip Talk is back at it, and I’m so happy. You’ll hear chatter about the shows and life events that have been keeping the hosts busy, the fires in Fort McMurray, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the Travelling Tickle Trunk.
  • I had a lovely and interesting chat with Alyssa Lau of the style blog Ordinary People and the sustainable fashion shop New Classics Studios on Seen and Heard in Edmonton. Next up (on May 30) is Jess Holt of Grace and Champ.
  •  And while I’m logrolling, I’ll be talking about podcasting with Zain Velji of The Strategists at the Canadian Association of Journalists conference in Edmonton on May 28. I never miss an episode of Zain’s smart, funny, frank podcast about political strategy with Stephen Carter and Corey Hogan, and it’s going to be great to meet him in real life.

The podcast roundup will be back on May 31. In the meantime, you can find even more Edmonton-made podcasts on the Podcast Network page (members are in bold above), in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, and on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page.

If you want to see me in real life before then, you can:

  • Come to Journalist Interrupted on May 26 at MacEwan University. I’ll be on a panel with Jorge Barrera of APTN, Linda Solomon Wood of The National Observer and Kelly Toughill of the University of King’s College, moderated by Brian Gorman, author of Crash to Paywall.
  • Attend our podcasting meetup on May 29 at Variant Edition, where Jeff Samsonow and I will talk about asking good questions. Whether your a podcaster or pod-curious or just someone who likes to ask questions, you’ll get something out of this.

eek logo - 640x480_3This week’s Seen and Heard in Edmonton is brought to you by Eek Fest, the pop culture fair happening at Servus Place in St. Albert on June 4 and 5.

You’ll find five halls of fun, featuring Lego, comics, collectibles, video games, zombies, Nerf guns, live improv, cosplay and more. Hear all about it from Eek Fest’s Rob LeLacheur.

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