Edmonton blog roundup: May 10, 2016

Well, how many times have you been moved to tears over the past week? I lost count. The harrowing stories and videos of people fleeing the fires in Fort McMurray, the selfless acts of heroism, the immediate effort to help, the reunions, the tragedy of the two lives lost, the news that much of the city has been saved — just wow. Let’s start there, before switching our focus to motherhood and other matters:

Shayne Woodsmith, Faces of Edmonton at the EERSS
Volunteers and staff sort through donations for Fort McMurray’s evacuees at the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society. Photo courtesy of Shayne Woodsmith of Faces of Edmonton.
  • Shayne Woodsmith captures the hive of activity at the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society in response to the evacuation from Fort McMurray. (You can donate money to EERSS here.)
  • “It’s always been Edmonton’s instinct to help, and help we have,” writes Mayor Don Iveson.
  • Theresa E. Wells’s post on leaving Fort McMurray was definitely one of the stories that made me cry. Her resilience is inspiring.
  • Jennifer Quist writes a love letter to Fort McMurray, her onetime home and a place that made her life in many ways.
  • Lincoln Ho has been keeping an updated list of free services available to evacuees.
  • OilersNation adds its voice to the call to help those who had to flee the fires.
  • Robyn of Musings of the Edmonton Tourist counts her blessings and expresses her awe at the generosity on display.
  • Kassey Koumarelas says a little prayer for Fort McMurray, a place where her parents made themselves at home.
  • Maria K reflects on the fire in Fort McMurray and prays for a good, soaking rain.
  • Mack Male tracks the number of wildfires and hectares burned in Alberta over the past 25 years.
  • Mack also rounds up some of the behind-the-scenes stories that media outlets shared about covering the fire in his latest Media Monday. Our local newsrooms certainly rose to the occasion under difficult circumstances.
  • Maurice Tougas has more thoughts on how the fire was covered.
  • The devastating fire reminds Dave Von Bieker of another unstoppable and destructive force, which he memorializes in a poem.



That’s just what caught my sometimes teary eye this week. There’s even more at ShareEdmonton. My previous picks are on my Flipboard magazine and in previous roundups.

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Remember that you’re invited to Journalist Interrupted: Towards a blueprint for a new free press, on May 26 at MacEwan University. We’ve all seen this week how important it is to have local media telling our stories — let’s keep that conversation going.

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