Edmonton blog roundup: April 26, 2016


Nicole Rowan at Change of Clothes
Nicole Rowan, aka The Spirited Thrifter, shows her swaps at the Change of Clothes event on April 23. (Photo courtesy of thespiritedthrifter.com)

This past weekend was very thrifty and swappy for me, as I stopped by the Change of Clothes sustainable fashion event at the Mercer, and then swung by Variant Edition‘s clothing swap. I got rid of some stuff, and acquired some stuff, and thought harder about clothes, which is where we begin:

Where we live


Food and drink

  • Karlynn Johnston has a recipe for homemade granola bars that are a little healthier and quite a bit cheaper than store-bought.
  • Twyla Campbell reports back on her latest Northern Food Night, and recounts the events that led up such dishes as walrus masala.
  • Both Cindy Nguyen and Sharon Yeo recap the Northern Chicken popup at Dovetail Delicatessen.
  • Linda Hoang tries out Passion de France, a restaurant discovered via Twitter that turns out to be delicious.
  • Allan Suddaby sings the praises of cold-pressed canola oil.
  • Marcia Hamm is back from Italy with a new certification and a whole lot of knowledge about grapes.

Arts and culture

  • Randall Talbot takes a closer look at the big statue of Big Miller.
  • Jenna Marynowski previews Gordon, the latest play from Theatre Network at the Roxy on Gateway.
  • Sable Chan has an interview with Pro Coro Canada conductor Michael Zaugg, accompanied by some lovely excerpts from Pro Coro’s repertoire.
  • TJ Jans marks the end of Riel House, where UAlberta music grad students used to practice, with a visit with student Daniel Stadnicki and a drum kit.
  • I’m a non-fiction kind of gal, so I appreciate Jay Runham’s suggestions for documentaries on Netflix.
  • Laura Frey isn’t sure about this readathon business, but participates in one anyway.
  • Rhonda Krause shares great photos of her visit to the Iwatayama Monkey Park in Kyoto, Japan.


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3 thoughts on “Edmonton blog roundup: April 26, 2016

  1. I don’t know how you do what you do, Karen! What a round up! I will have to pick my reads carefully as I could actually be busy for two full days reading what motivates me here! LOVE Allan Suddaby and everything he does. I am a fan! My heart raced when I read the one line about Megan writing about not being able to meet her student’s needs. That will be my first stop, as a retired educator. I was never brave enough to publicly write about anything like that. Certainly, I worked fervently within the system to do what I could. Oh, the stores I could tell…. and my profession was my life. I breathed it within every fiber of my being. Loved my work and was good at it… I am so proud of my life’s work spent in public education, but I when my daughter proclaimed that was her desire, we definitely had a heart to heart. She is now an OT. I still believe in public education “with every fiber of my being” – but after investing my life in it, definitely wanted to retire in peace.

    1. Thank you, Valerie! This means a lot coming from you. Megan’s piece is very powerful, and I’m glad to have brought it to your attention. All hail the educators!

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