Edmonton podcast roundup: April 13, 2016

The podcast roundup returns with an extra-large helping of local listens. Edmonton podcasters have been so prolific that some have dropped new episodes since I listened to these ones, but I’m going to highlight the ones I heard, and leave you to discover more:


  • Relive the Oilers’ farewell to Rexall Place with the North by NorthGretz crew and their guest, broadcaster Reid Wilkins.
  • On Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel also touch on the Oilers before heading into their predictions for the NHL playoffs.
  • On Basket of YEGs, Troy Pavlek has an eye-opening conversation with a Realtor who speaks frankly on Reddit about real estate.
  • Dan Taylor and Ben Proulx discuss the LEAP manifesto and what makes a good comedy audience, among other things, on 30 Minute Week. (Watch for Highlevel Showdown and The Press Gallery in the coming days for, I would guess, more on the fallout of the NDP convention.)
  • The cast of The Lip Talk had a great talk about gender fluidity and the importance of providing and seeking support with Christy Heely.
  • I just caught up on the Northern Nerdcast’s visit with Ben Yendall of Tales of the Hydian Way. They’ve got another in the hopper with MADSOFT.
  • Brian Bergum covers Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers on Bi Weekly Unoriginal.april13podcastcollage2
  • If you’ve never dipped into Witch, Please, first of all, fix that, and second of all, listen to these montages to get a sense of the delightfulness you have missed.
  • Kirt Callahan and Tania Gee have since dropped another episode of Write Reads, but I just caught up on their discussion of The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman.
  • Sometimes it’s good to have a quick and soothing reminder to listen to our bodies and look after ourselves. Pamella Heikel’s latest Soul Chat on Conscious Conversations provides just that.
  • Clock Radio tells the story of basketball-loving brothers Ryan and Travis May, one of whom captains the team, the other of whom provides colour commentary.
  • On Bollywood is for Lovers, Matt Bowes and Erin E. Fraser nerd out at length about South Asian cinema with film critic Danny Bowes.
  • Let’s Take a Look is the kind of podcast that defies description. I can tell you it’s weird and funny, and this one drew me because they sort of talk about The Gateway in this one.
  • Mayor Don Iveson also talks about The Gateway as well as blogging as a politician, the joys and sorrows of social media and the changes to mainstream media in the latest Seen and Heard in Edmonton.

And some quick hits of local podcast news:

  • Montreal Sauce is planning to start releasing shorter episodes called sauce packets in amongst their longer episodes with creative people.
  • The Borchelli Brothers tease their next episode with Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall.
  • The Local Good has started a podcast! Episode 1 is about home brewing.
  • We had a great meetup with Justin Jackson of MegaMaker last weekend. Subscribe to the newsletter to learn more about that and upcoming meetups.
  • What It Is is up for the John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts. Come cheer them on at the April 21 ceremony!

That’s what I could to get to, but there are so many more made-in-Edmonton podcasts to check out. Find more on the Podcast Network page (members are in bold above), in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, and on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page.

karenashleyThis week’s Seen and Heard in Edmonton is brought to you by Storytelling & Time Management: Tips, Tools and Tactics, a workshop I’m doing with Ashley Janssen of AgileStyle on April 28.

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