Edmonton blog roundup: Feb. 2, 2016

It seems a lot of us are in a mood to make things these days. Lucky for me, lots of you write about your making, which creates an opportunity for me to make this:

Miranda Post table
Miranda Post made this table to be auctioned off for Habitat for Humanity. Nice! (Photo used with permission from anchorsandproteas.com)
  • Miranda Post cleverly upcycles a door into a breakfast table inspired by Palm Springs for the Edmonton Renovation Show.
  • Katryna Rae gets her sew-jo back with by making a sequin skirt.
  • Erin Wallace learns to whittle something good with the Northern Alberta Woodcarvers’ Association.
  • The music makers featured on Northern Sessions continue to impress. This time it’s indie-folk trio Post Script.
  • Michael Senchuk previews Royal Tusk’s first full-length album, Dealbreaker.
  • On Nostalgic Kitchen, Miranda shares a recipe for perogy nachos, which sounds awful darn good.
  • YEG People chats with John Ahn, the marketer-turned-restaurateur behind NongBu.
  • Justina Smith paints a real spring day in Vancouver on a fake spring day in Edmonton.
  • Ferocious in the Service of Love” — what a heartstopping expression from poet Anna Marie Sewell.
  • Stacey Knopp previews Local Love, a popup shop for wedding vendors on Feb. 27.
  • I’m so glad Paper Leaf resumed making its monthly desktop calendar wallpaper. Automatic download for me, every time.

Challenges and adventures

  • On Copper and Blue, sdh0809 writes powerfully about her own mental illness and how depression and anxiety lurk in the shadows of hockey.
  • Robin Mazumder has moved away, but he left some light behind in Edmonton, in more ways than one.
  • Nicole Winski has a new puppy. So cute! Also so much work!
  • Amanda reveals a struggle she’s going to start chronicling on Life’s Too Short… Buy the Shoes.
  • Kelsey Jones challenges herself to eat breakfast every day in February.
  • Phil Wilson embarks on a brunch odyssey.
  • The Local Good launches #28DaysofYEG, a challenge to make the most of the city in February.
  • Are you a FranzenFriend or a FranzenFoe? Either way, book blogger Laura Frey is going to entertain you with Franzen in February.
  • Adina J is starting a book club at Blue Collar, Red Lipstick.
  • Stephen Robinson recruits a zombie survival dream team to conclude his zombie apocalypse series on 52Skillz.
  • Lori Godin offers great advice on what 15 minutes of undivided attention can do for your child. A good thing to remember on days like this.
  • Sometimes, writes Kelly-Dawn Aulenbach, the best thing you can do is decide to be yourself.
  • Marie a la Mode is getting closer to welcoming her baby into the world.
  • Matt Dance is making progress on his Naming Edmonton open data project.



  • Jenna Marynowski has the same “oh, now I get it” response to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as I had after seeing the Citadel’s stellar production.
  • John Richardson gives a rave review to Cliff Cardinal’s one-man show, Huff.
  • Dave Cournoyer weighs in on the royalty review and the NDP government’s response to it. He gathers up other reactions, too.
  • Dave Von Bieker reviews Sketch Party TV, a Pictionary-like app for the Apple TV.
  • Tom Sedens is not so impressed with the luxury hybrid he recently test-drove.
  • Nerd culture has taken over pop culture, and the evidence is everywhere in Edmonton, writes Mike Ross.

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