Edmonton blog roundup: Jan. 26, 2016

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It’s exactly what it says on the tin: Andrea Beça gives advice dressed as a banana. You didn’t know you needed this in your life, but you do. (Screen grab from youtube.com/contessabessa)

A great thing about Edmonton is how generous people are about giving advice. Smart, solid, lovingly given advice, too, not the smarmy, condescending kind. I have recently found some excellent mentors who are giving me the advice I need to make this venture go, about which I’m feeling particularly grateful. So we’re going to start the roundup with advice of all kinds, serious and silly:



Music, theatre, art

  • YEG Music Magazine reports the results of its Best in #YEGMusic vote. Lots of deserved kudos and (for me) new discoveries on the list.
  • A good companion piece is Evan van Ramshorst’s 2014 film, Sound of Edmonton, shared on I Heart Edmonton.
  • Michael Senchuk reviews Royal Streets at the New Moon Folk Club, a new venue at St. Basil’s Cultural Centre.
  • Jenna Marynowski is previewing up a storm heading into the Canoe Theatre Festival.
  • Blue Knox continues the “50 Reasons to Go See a Play” series on Curious Arts with a look at the intersection of Shakespeare and politics.
  • Donna McKinnon spotlights artist and community-builder Michael Feehan, who you might remember as the guy who dressed up as the Talus Dome.
  • Jay Runham presents an extra-Canadian version of his film news, including a Kickstarter to make a trailer for Soothsayer, a film by Trevor Anderson and Fish Griwkowsky.

Let’s eat

  • Karlynn Johnston is back in the fray with a recipe for chocolate chip banana scones and some reflections on the writing life.
  • And how about these biscuits from Margaret Bose-Johnson?
  • Lillian Tse updates her popular Earl Grey macaron recipe, and takes us through the arduous process that leads to such a delightful confection.
  • Allan Suddaby explains the logic behind a sandwich that might seem like it’s made from ‘incredibly random’ ingredients.
  • Twyla Campbell counts herself lucky to have secured some ramen at the newly opened Prairie Noodle Shop.
  • Cindy Nguyen reviews Washoku Bistro, a new restaurant that I was thrilled to see replace a payday loan joint on 124th Street.
  • Maegan Lukian puts together an extensive how-to on reducing food waste.

Looking back

  • History will be kind to former Alberta premier Ed Stelmach, says Dave Cournoyer, which is particularly generous and interesting if you know Dave’s history with the man.
  • Trent Portigal looks at the 1915 attempt to undo the decision to number Edmonton’s streets.
  • Moly Milosovic looks back at the history of the Maple Leaf Athletic Club, a cradle of hockey in Edmonton.


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