Edmonton blog roundup: Jan. 19, 2016

Autumn Libal’s boys help make cookies (Photo from autumnrandom.blogspot.ca)

Such a rich buffet of choices in the Edmonton blogosphere this week. Let’s dig in:

Things to do

  • Jenna Marynowski reviews Chelsea Hotel: The Songs of Leonard Cohen, which I am so looking forward to seeing this week.
  • And I love this remembrance of slowly falling for Leonard Cohen from Ephemeral Pleasures.
  • Lindy Pratch said the magic words — “Ogden Nash” — so I’ll be looking for Beastly Verse, a children’s book of poetry she reviews.
  • The Northern Sessions trains its camera on roots singer Lucas Chaisson.
  • YEG Music Magazine shares a really neat video from I Am Machi. Good song, too.
  • On Tech Geek Gamers, Tara makes a compelling case for Undertale.
  • Sydney Lancaster previews SubArctic Improv, an experimental dance show that she’s participating in on Jan. 21.
  • Chris Tse gets over his initial hatred of snowshoeing and offers tips for how you can get started at it.
  • The next Green Drinks is about embracing winter. The Local Good has the details.
  • Linda Hoang does yoga with cats, because of course she does (and it’s for a good cause).
  • Want to go beyond dinner and a movie on Valentine’s Day? YEG Date Night has 10 better ideas.
  • Don’t feel guilty about taking your kids out of school to travel, writes Lori Godin, because they’ll learn so much on the trip.
  • Jay Runham is back with Sexy Film News, including some good news about the Edmonton International Film Festival.


  • Pregnancy has left Marie a la Mode with a list of what not to say when someone is expecting.
  • Speaking of which, Kassey Koumarelas is about to have a baby, too. Exciting!
  • Avry Lewis-McDougall is not happy that fan favourite John Scott has been shoved out of the NHL all-star game.
  • Wanye Gretz goes all “How do you do, fellow kids” on Connor McDavid on the occasion of his 19th birthday. (He also launches a fundraiser for the Edmonton Ski Club.)
  • Donloree Hoffman finds an apt metaphor in one of those little warning lights in her car.
  • Lindsey McNeill is gearing up for a year of harnessing energy and intentions, and offers up some tools to help you do the same.
  • Devin R. Bruce mourns David Bowie and contemplates Blackstar.

Current affairs

  • Catholic school board trustee Patricia Grell apologizes to parents for a letter from Bishop Henry condemning efforts to recognize transgender rights.
  • Public school board trustee Nathan Ip is disappointed that the Alberta School Boards Association rejected his motion to create a policy supporting LGBTQ kids.
  • Edmonton Economic Development CEO Brad Ferguson praises the “talk-to-the-customer” approach that Edmonton MPs took at their recent roundtables on the economy.
  • Mack Male recaps Ferguson’s speech at the Impact luncheon, and puts together a comprehensive lookahead for Edmonton’s city council.
  • Matt Dance is looking for some technical help to structure the data in Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie.
  • If you’re selling your house in a buyer’s market, there’s more you can do than just drop your price, says Sheldon Johnston.

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