Edmonton podcast roundup: Jan. 6, 2016

jan6podcastcollageIt’s time to resume the podcast roundup and get some local sounds into your ears:

  • Robyn Wilson invites Janelle and TJ onto The One to discuss their love story. “By the time we went out, we were already in love with each other,”  Janelle says. Swoon.
  • Sarah Hoyles kicks off the first season of Pet Sounds with a look at medicine for pets, told through the story of a 22-pound cat named Gonzo.
  • Boozy Boob Tube turns its gaze to the various manifestations of Sherlock Holmes, just in time for your discussions of the BBC’s recent Sherlock special. (There’s even a cocktail recipe in the show notes, if you’d like to drink along.)
  • Also on the Boozy Boob Tube feed is the latest For Kicks podcast on Canada’s national women’s soccer team, in which Jessica and Katie nerd out about the sport and lament the lack of proper coverage.
  • Bollywood is for Lovers welcomes its first guest, fellow Hindi cinema enthusiast Juliet Franklin, to discuss two recent releases.
  • On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart has a fascinating conversation with Levi MacDougall, a Canadian writer and comedian living in Los Angeles.
  • You’ll also hear Adam on the North by NorthGretz Holiday Special, talking about the origins of OilersNation as well as Pride Tape, a project to help LGBTQ athletes feel welcome at the rink. (I backed the Kickstarter — how about you?)
  • If you want to make your podcast better, Montreal Sauce’s discussion with Dan Benjamin will help. So will Part 1 of the highlights from the most recent Edmonton podcasting meetup, on which you can hear a cameo from Montreal Sauce co-host Chris Sikkenga.
  • The Dip has a double-header, with a look at 3D printing and a bonus episode that tells us a little more about the hosts, Wang Yip and Shawn Kanungo.
  • The Trash, Art and the Movies year-end mega-episode, in which Erin E. Fraser and Paul Matwychuk discuss their top 10 films of the year, is erudite and interesting, as always.

A few older episodes that I didn’t want to miss drawing your attention to:

  • The Unknown Studio winds up its six-year run with a visit with Brittney Le Blanc, the first guest and now the last guest. This city has spawned many podcasts, but The Unknown Studio was a pioneer in being not just from Edmonton, but about Edmonton. Salute to Scott C. Bourgeois and Adam Rozenhart for a great contribution.
  • Phil Wilson’s Off Menu gets Arden Tse to dish on how he and his partners started the Prairie Noodle Shop.
  • On The Yards, Omar Mouallem catches up with Oliver postwoman Janet Heikel, who knows the neighbourhood like few others do.

Also, Twitter tells me NewbsRadio is resuming production. This is huge. Catch up on the back catalogue — it is an outstanding show.

Find even more podcasts in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, and on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page.

If you were used to getting this roundup on Fridays, the schedule has changed now:

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