Edmonton podcast roundup: Dec. 4, 2015


This will be a full one, because I missed some favourite podcasts that came out last Friday, found some new ones, and managed to smush quite a bit of listening into this week:

  • Hacked is back with a terrifying yet fascinating look at the problem with passwords.
  • Jessica and Katie, two-thirds of the team behind Boozy Boob Tube, have launched For Kicks, an enthusiastic podcast following the Canadian women’s national soccer team to the Rio Olympics.
  • You can hear all about how people play Quidditch in real life on the latest mini-episode from Witch, Please.
  • And one more on sports: The fellas at Your Team Sucks riff on the NHL all-star game, overtime, Connor McDavid’s injury and jumbo peanut butter cups, among other things.
  • On The Gateway’s The Watch-men, Sam Podgurney and Matt Rea talk about the Star Wars prequels.
  • And a couple of old Gatewayers (Fish Griwkowsky and David Stone) join musician Curtis Ross on the Dirt City Limits to talk to Sandra Sperounes about the next Star Wars movie.
  • The What It Is podcast has two interesting interviews, one with improv troupe POWERCUB and the other with the cast of Burning Bluebeard. Taylor Chadwick and Chris Cook of What It Is also turn up on The Movie Jerks to talk about two terrible movies.
  • On Bollywood is for Lovers, Erin E. Fraser and Matt Bowes revel in the longest running film in Indian history.
  • Fawnda Mithrush and Paul Blinov talk about ballet in Banff and the Good Women Dance Collective’s season opener on I Don’t Get It.
  • On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart interviews a Canadian teacher who has made his home in Taiwan.
  • Phil Wilson has a lively discussion with the guys behind The Local Omnivore, who have left their food truck behind for a real restaurant.
  • Speaking of food, don’t forget my conversation with food blogger Lillian Tse of Beyond Umami. Next up on the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast is Linda Hoang.
  • Both Highlevel Showdown and 30 Minute Week feature debates on whether the Edmonton Eskimos should change their name, among other discussions of the news.
  • The Press Gallery usually comes out just after I publish the roundup, and it’s kind of timely so by the following week it feels too late. But I just have to direct your attention to Mariam Ibrahim’s story about Manmeet Bhullar in last week’s episode.

Incredibly, that’s just a taste of the Edmonton-made sounds you could tune into. Find more in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, in Jay Runham’s #yegcasts list, and on the Edmonton Nerd List’s media page.

If you subscribe to the Seen and Heard in Edmonton newsletter, you have exquisite taste.

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