Edmonton blog roundup: Nov. 30, 2015

‘Tis the season to consult the Long John Index. I got this limited edition toque after interviewing Colin MacIntyre for an upcoming podcast.

This seems to be the week we finally accepted that winter is coming, and though it looks like it’s going to warm up again, and some of us are basking in the glow of that Eskimos’ Grey Cup win, let us begin with the weather:

  • Glenn Kubish takes issue with Siri’s judgmental attitude towards Edmonton temperatures.
  • Donloree Hoffman is on a mission to learn to love winter.
  • Randy Talbot finds beauty in the early twilight of this time of year.
  • Mack Male says the Centennial Plaza does not deserve the urban design award it just won, and it’s certainly not built for winter gatherings.
  • Raising Edmonton lists the best places to go tobogganing.
  • Chris Tse shares three downtown trails ideal for winter running.
  • Scarves with brooches are part of Nicole Rowan’s winter survival plan.
  • Megan McKenna’s winter fashion solution includes a pop of pink.
  • And don’t forget to consult the Long John Index to make sure you’re dressed for whatever the weather brings.

Reconciliation and remembering

  • Laura Frey writes about what she learned from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, and suggests further reading.
  • Radical Citizen Media has coverage of the launch of the Reconciling Edmonton project.
  • Sally Scott looks at the mixed legacy of the Wauneita Society, which helped make the University of Alberta a place for women, but did so with blatant appropriation of First Nations culture.
  • Jenna Marynowski previews and reviews Cafe Daughter, a play inspired by the true story of a Chinese-Cree woman who became a doctor.

Made in Edmonton

  • Kassianey K suggests some locally made gifts, and shares how you can help extend your generosity to Syrian refugees, too.
  • Hannah of Honey & Betts previews PARKSHOW YEG, a fashion show featuring several local designers.
  • Lisa Baroldi helps Gillian Thomson wrap up The Noteworthy by turning the interview tables on her.
  • Jerry Aulenbach reviews A Seat at Our Table, a showcase of Alberta food and conversation put on by ATB.
  • #YEG Music Magazine’s Josh Sawatzky reviews a passel of Edmonton albums and calls for more.
  • Sandy Joe Karpetz shows off some pins and patches from local designer Slack & Mellow.
  • The Northern Sessions turns its cameras toward musician Sierra Jamerson, graced with a spoken-word performance by Medge Mathurin.
  • Alexis Marie Chute is crowdfunding Expecting Sunshine, a documentary on having a baby after losing a baby.
  • Phil Wilson has ignited quite the perogy discussion as his showdown continues.
  • Sharon Yeo bids farewell to co-organizing What the Truck?!
  • Katryna Rae takes to the mountains in a shift dress she made from a feline fabric.

And more

  • Matt Barwick missed the Oilers-Wings game, but that didn’t stop him from writing about it… eccentrically.
  • Matt Dance begins a series of posts on the meaning and manifestation of gentrification.
  • Paul Giang is glad we’re finally talking about what we mean when we say Jasper Avenue is our main street.
  • Kieran Ryan reflects on one year in business at Pogo CarShare in a Q&A with The Local Good’s Laura Beth Ward.
  • Dave Cournoyer advises the NDP government to tap the brakes on Bill 6, the new farm safety bill.
  • Sanaa Humayun issues an open letter to the bigot who spat at her.
  • Nadine Riopel tells a powerful story about the value of community-building within an organization.

You can find plenty more at ShareEdmonton. I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine, and I share stuff on Twitter: @seenandheardyeg and @karenunland. The podcast roundup comes out on Fridays.

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