Edmonton podcast roundup: Oct. 9, 2015

Jacqueline Jacek
Phil Wilson posted a delightful conversation with chocolatier Jacqueline Jacek on Off Menu. (Photo from Jacqueline’s Twitter account)

With a long weekend coming up, perhaps your ears could use some great local listens:

  • Phil Wilson discusses chocolate and joy with the wonderful Jacqueline Jacek on Off Menu.
  • Sarah Hoyles has this Pet Sounds story about Punchy the dog that is pretty much guaranteed to make you cry.
  • On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart talks to a couple who picked up and moved to The Netherlands.
  • On The Unknown Studio, Adam and co-host Scott C. Bourgeois chat with graphic designer Eldon Kymson, whose work includes some pretty slick logos.
  • Adam Dyck dives into the federal election as the guest on The 30 Minute Week. Speaking of which, the Northern Content Network crew is having an election party at the Black Dog on Oct. 19.
  • The 30 Minute Week’s Dan Taylor joins musician Doug Hoyer on What It Is to discuss comedy, music and more.
  • You can relive Captain Tractor’s iconic album East of Edson with Sandra Sperounes on Dirt City Limits.
  • If you missed Jenna Coleman of Doctor Who at the Edmonton Expo, you can hear the interview on Radio Free Skaro. And if you need more Who, Verity! is as delightful as ever on the latest episode.
  • On Trash, Art and the Movies, Paul Matwychuk and Erin E. Fraser pit James Bond against a Cold War classic.
  • Donovan Workun explains to the Movie Jerks why he can’t stand The Dark Knight.
  • In case you missed it, here’s my conversation with Natasha Chiam of The Stay At Home Feminist. Next up is Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta fame.

Whoa. That’s a lot. There are even more podcasts to be found out there. The Northern Content Network has some, and you can find more on Jay Runham’s yegcasts list.

You can meet more podcasters and podcast fans in real life on Oct. 24 at Variant Edition. RSVP here.

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