Edmonton blog roundup: Oct. 5, 2015

Spider-Mable T-shirt
Illustrator Jason Blower has designed a T-shirt in honour of Spider-Mable to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

This was the week that Edmonton went out to play with Spider-Mable, so let’s start there.

If you missed the phenomenon, or just want to relive it, Wanye Gretz has a passionate recap.

Sonic’s Layne Mitchell has more on Jason Blower’s T-shirt project to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation, which made Mable’s epic superhero day possible.

And speaking of Jason, learn more about what makes him a big dreamer in Tineke de Jong’s post on The Noteworthy.

It looks like the shirt has enough preorders to be made, so way to go, Jason! Order your T-shirt here.

More dressup
  • Margaret Bose-Johnson talks to the organic farmers at Peas on Earth, and makes something delicious from their produce.
  • Julie’s Kitchen Adventures helps a friend carbo-load with a yummy-looking chocolate mousse.
  • Bao Bun’s pop-up at Dovetail Delicatessen was a big hit with Maki Blazevski and Cindy Nguyen.
  • Natasha Chiam includes one of my favourite haunts, Cafe Rista, in her fall favourites. (You can hear more from Natasha in the latest Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast.)
  • Michelle Peters-Jones combats the anti-immigrant rhetoric flying in the federal election campaign with righteous anger and a proudly Indian take on a “traditional” dish.
  • Elizabeth Withey takes herself (and her dog) to Waterton National Park.
  • Lawrence Herzog looks back at the career and legacy of musician Gaby Haas.
  • Nadine Riopel points to the importance of congruency between your words and your actions in business, as illustrated by the Volkswagen debacle.
  • The Local Good’s Kerstyn Lane invites you to meet your federal election candidates at Green Drinks on Oct. 7.

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