Edmonton podcast roundup: Oct. 2, 2015

Twitter told me Wednesday was International Podcast Day. But every day is Podcast Day for me, and I’m especially interested in local ones. Look, here are some now:

Indigenous Representation in Pop Culture
Brandon Schatz of Variant Edition introduces the panelists on the topic of indigenous representation in pop culture, which is replayed on the Yegs and Bacon podcast. (Photo by Brittney Le Blanc)
  • Yegs and Bacon features a live recording of a thought-provoking and entertaining panel on Indigenous Representation in Pop Culture, featuring James Leask, Richard Van Camp, Patti Laboucane-Benson and Kelly Mellings.
  • Phil Wilson has launched a podcast called Off Menu, and it is delicious. His debut conversation is with Ben Chalmers of Corso 32.
  • Robyn Wilson (yes, they are married, so how talented is that household!) has started a podcast called The One. It’s about how couples got together, and I love it. Robyn is a fearless questioner.
  • On Bollywood is for Lovers, Matt Bowes and Erin E. Fraser explore Bollywood movies that are about Bollywood itself. (UPDATE: Forgot to tell you I interviewed Erin in the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast!)
  • The latest Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast from Rev Recluse is a delightful smorgasbord of obscure Edmonton 45s.
  • On Dirt City Limits, Journal writers Fish Griwkowsky, Liz Nicholls and Sandra Sperounes talk about the triumph of Nuit Blanche, protest songs and art to look forward to.
  • If you live in Edmonton Centre, you might want to hear this federal election forum put on by The Yards.
  • On The Devil’s Advocate, David Rae’s attempt to persuade Robyn Slack that the world is real is highly entertaining.

That’s what I had time to listen to. You can find even more local podcasts on Northern Content Network and in Jay Runham’s Twitter list of podcasts and podcasters.

You could also meet some local podcasters in real life on Oct. 24 at the first Edmonton Podcasters Meetup. We’re putting it on at Variant Edition, whence Yegs and Bacon emanates. So, full circle and all that. It’s free, and everyone is welcome.

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