Edmonton blog roundup: July 27, 2015

Edmonton's boundary history
A graphic from Mastermaq’s blog describing the expanding boundaries of Edmonton since 1892.dsdlja

I came across a lot of thoughtful pieces this week about where this city is going, where’s it’s been, and what we need to think about as we continue on. So let’s start there:

Speaking of growth…

Miscellaneous likes

Some audio of note

  • Rev Recluse’s podcast revels in the glory of a 1973 recording by students at Avalon Junior High School.
  • Danica LeBlanc interviews Sam Maggs, author of The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Taylor Chadwick has a great talk with The Movie Jerks and Theatre Mari on the latest What It Is podcast.

Shameless self-promotion

  • Andrea Beça recorded a ukulele-year video with me! We sang All of Me. I look very serious, but it was so fun.
  • My latest Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast features constant creator Adam Rozenhart.

That’s a tiny glimpse of what has been written, recorded and published this week. There’s tons more on ShareEdmonton.

I collect what I can in a Flipboard magazine. Ask me anything on Twitter: @seenandheardyeg or@karenunland.

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