Edmonton blog roundup: July 13, 2015

I hope you can read this through the smoke. It’s been a hazy week in Edmonton, but that has not stopped the creation of lots of worthy blog posts and podcasts. Here are some that I enjoyed:

Natasha Chiam on Dinner Television
Natasha Chiam of the Stay at Home Feminist was fired up about dress codes for girls, and five minutes on Dinner Television was not enough, so she expanded on her position on her blog. (Screen grab from DT.)
A few interesting calls to action
Podcasts galore
  • Speaking of Jenna and Kristen, What It Is features a fun chat with them and fellow theatre bloggers/vloggers Louise Mallory and Savanna Harvey.
  • Vintage Edmonton’s Music Podcast #2 turns the spotlight on a record from an Edmonton duo from the late ’70s. (So very ’70s.)
  • The aforementioned Tema and her friends Mariana Konsolos and Brenda Collins have a new podcast called Talking About Change.
  • And there’s my new Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast (which was mentioned in Mack Male’s Media Monday). The first full episode features Michelle Peters-Jones of The Tiffin Box.

There’s so much more I could share with you, but that’s a lot as it is, so I’ll throw you to ShareEdmonton if you’re still thirsty.

I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine, and I tweet @karenunland and @seenandheardyeg.

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